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Mailmodo raises $270K in pre-seed round

Mailmodo has raised $270K in pre-Seed round funding from Titan Capital, Frist Cheque, Gameskraft, and Angellist.

The round also saw participation from a group of marquee investors like Archit Gupta, Deepak Diwakar, Harsh Shah, and others.

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Speaking on the investment in Mailmodo, Bipin Shah, partner at Titan Capital said, “Despite the radical change in web technologies over the past two decades, emails have been the same more or less. I believe Mailmodo’s no-code platform for creating AMP email has the power to revolutionize email marketing and customer interactions.”

Talking about the funding received, Aquibur, Co-founder & CEO  Mailmodo said, “AMP emails allow marketers to create app-like experiences inside the emails and it makes seamless for the users to take the desired actions. People check their emails when traveling, watching tv, or in an elevator in a busy daily life. They don’t have time or attention span to open an email, click on the link, go to the website, and take several other steps in between to complete the desired action.” 

“Thus interactive app-like emails help marketers to get better conversion rates. We are elated to have gotten the support from the investors who not only provided us with their financial support but also are mentoring us in our journey,” Aqibur added.

Commenting on the funding, Kushal Bhagia, CEO of Firstcheque.VC, “Email as a marketing and communication channel is still one of the most important touchpoints marketers have with customers. We are very excited by MailModo’s AMP-based product that allows marketers to go a step further now and build interactive experiences for users within Email, leading to far superior conversions.”

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“Mailmodo is building a product we could have used in ClearTax. I’m investing in Aquib and team to build the future of email marketing,” Archit Gupta, CEO of Cleartax & Investors added.

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