Our Brand Guidelines

Here’s all you need to know about using and applying the TechGraph Brand.



The strength of our Brand relies on the consistent and appropriate use of our Brand Assets – Logos, colors, typeface and others. While there are very limited instances where the use of our TechGraph Brand Assets are permitted, we are publishing these Brand Guidelines to assist you in properly using our Brand Assets in the exceptional cases. If in doubt, please reach out to

TechGraph logo usage

Clear space

TechGraph logo needs to be visible in every application. To ensure this is always achieved, a minimum amount of “clear space” surrounding the logo has been specified. The clear space is determined by the x-height which equals the width of the logo line brand mark.

This space should always be free from graphics or text. It is acceptable and encouraged to give our logo more clear space than that of the x-height, should the space allow.


Square logo placement

When containing our logo inside a sqaure it should always be placed in the centre and scaled up until the left/right clearspace = the x-height.


Logo color

Wherever possible please use the primary positive or negative logo.
When it is not possible to use the primary logos please use the secondary positive or negative one colour logo variations.

Primary positive logo

Black: #0000 or Black
Blue: ##2eb2ff or Blue

Secondary Logo

Color Code: #bdb9b9 or Grey


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