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Interview: Last Journey CEO Rishabh Jalan On Transparent Funeral Services for India’s Diverse Religious Landscape

In our ongoing interview series, our editorial team today sat down with Last Journey's CEO Rishabh Jalan, to understand how the company has adopted...

What to Know About Tech Conferences

Tech conferences have become a prominent platform for professionals, enthusiasts, and industry leaders to gather, share knowledge, and explore the latest advancements in technology....

Gender equality requires promoting women’s livelihood: Sandeep Chachra of ActionAid India

On Monday morning, Sandeep Chachra, Executive Director, of Action Aid sat down with the TechGraph editorial team for a wide-ranging interview. This was to...
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UN Chief: 117 Million people suffered acute hunger due to war

In a statement from the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), António Guterres said, "Last year, more than 117 million people suffered acute hunger...

Biz2credit expands its Indian workforce by hiring 200 professionals

Biz2Credit, a leading provider of digital lending solutions, has announced its plans to strengthen its presence in the Indian market through a significant expansion...

Ukrainian President Zelensky Holds Talk With PM Sunak During G7 Summit in Hiroshima

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky held bilateral talks with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Saturday's side of the G7 summit in Hiroshima.
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Data Security Threats: All You Need To Know

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, data security has become a crucial component of any organization's strategy. The increasing reliance on data to drive...

AI and cloud tech can enhance the “Netflix like experience” for learners: JPS Kohli, Founder & Chairman of SkillUp Online

Speaking to TechGraph, JPS Kohil, Founder & Chairman of SkillUp Online said, "In line with the ‘Netflix experience’, I believe that AI and cloud...

Airpay expands into Africa and the Middle East with digital-first financial services

Airpay Expects a 30% revenue share from overseas business by 2025. Engaging the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar for a Strategic Partnership & Africa Agenda.
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An interview with Chitiz Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Company Bench

Speaking to TechGraph, Chitiz Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Company Bench said, "Short-sighted decisions taken during the pandemic, resistance to change, and traditional recruitment...

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