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IIT Mandi researchers develop AI-powered device to screen cervical cancer

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, have developed an artificial intelligence-powered point-of-care device to screen with high accuracy cervical cancer cases by analysing microscopy images. The project has been taken up in collaboration with Aindra Systems, Bengaluru. The research team comprised Anil Sao and Arnav Bhavsar, Associate Professors, School of Computing and Electrical

Researchers develop AI-based mobile app to diagnose mental illness through speech

Researchers have developed a speech-based mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to categorize a patient's mental health status, an advance that may lead to a tool to assist psychiatrists in diagnosing mental illnesses. The study, published in the journal Schizophrenia Bulletin, noted that many people in remote areas do not have access to psychiatrists or psychologists, and others can't afford to see a

Google sets up Artificial Intelligence research unit in Bengaluru

Google on Thursday said it is setting up an artificial intelligence research unit at Bengaluru as the tech giant looks to continue developing products for India and taking them to global markets. Google Research India, the artificial intelligence (AI) lab, will focus on advancing fundamental computer science and AI research. Apart from the Google team led by AI scientist Manish Gupta, the company will also

Gartner Report: 75% of firms to hire AI behavior forensic experts by 2023

By 2023, seventy-five percent of large organisations would hire artificial intelligence (AI) behavior forensic, privacy, and customer trust specialists to reduce brand and reputation risk, Gartner Inc. predicted on Thursday. Bias based on race, gender, age or location, and bias based on a specific structure of data, have been long-standing risks in training AI models. "New tools and skills are needed to help

Research: AI can boost the production of safe and clean fusion energy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can speed up the development of safe, clean and virtually limitless fusion energy for generating electricity, claim researchers. A team of scientists at the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) and Princeton University are applying deep learning to forecast sudden disruptions that can halt fusion reactions and damage the doughnut-shaped tokamaks


IBM is using AI to create chatbots more emphatic

Chatbots may have become ubiquitous in recent times, assisting businesses in everything from bill payments to customer services, but these automated algorithms still struggle to grasp the nuances of human language and context of conversations. In order to improve user-experience, researchers at IBM India are using artificial intelligence (AI) to make chatbots more emphatic and personalised so that they can meet a

Telecom Secretary: AI and automation displacing jobs are the real-time threat

While digitisation has delivered great benefits to the country, the threat of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) displacing jobs is real, Telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan said on Monday. "Adoption of digital technology has proved to be a great democratiser and leveller in India, especially in doing away with many hierarchies in the Indian economy. But digital is also throwing up as many challenges.

Microsoft partners with CarveNiche Technologies to provide AI-based maths teaching to school students

To provide an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based math teaching for the school students, A Bangalore-based EduTech company CarveNiche technologies on Friday announced that "It has partnered with Microsoft Corp to design a new Artificial Intelligence-based math learning programme called beGalileo for school students." The company said that "beGalileo will use the AI technology to collect and analyze the information

Report: Most of the Indian businesses does not compile with AI, Customer Analytics and Digital integration

While businesses in India are looking at several customer experience (CX) technologies such as customer analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and digital integration, most of them are not currently able to implement them properly, according to a new report on Monday. However, the research from global ICT solutions and services provider Dimension Data showed that most business respondents in India recognise

Google wants the US govt to make rules on AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next-big-thing, which is partly useful and partly creepy. Having machines learn human behaviour to predict the needs is something that has potential implications on the notions of privacy and security. Addressing these concerns, Google recently released a white paper, outlining five areas where the government can work with civil society and Artificial Intelligence (AI)