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Interview: In conversation with Abinash Nanda, COO of edWisor

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In an interview with the TechGraph on Monday, Abinash Nanda, COO of edWisor, said, “Lockdown has made people solely reliant on online learning for wide-ranging purposes.”

Here is a full transcribe:

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TechGraph: Can you let our audience know more about edWisor?

Abinash Nanda: edWisor is India’s first online skill development platform that extends real-time learning via live lessons. We empower the growing number of candidates that lack the necessary skills required for employment. We provide our candidates with highly relevant skill training that not only focuses on the core subjects but also on building their portfolios as a professional and equipping them with the soft skills required to gain an edge over the competition. 

TechGraph: How did edWisor transpire?

Abinash Nanda: Recognizing a glaring gap in skills and the employability of candidates across various industries, our founder Ramandeep Arora took it upon himself to step in and solve this problem. He introduced an online learning platform that would impart a combination of technical and soft skills to help candidates become job-ready. 

TechGraph: The company was founded in 2015 and has grown tremendously since then, Can you shed some light on edWisor’s unique product offerings?

Abinash Nanda: edWisor offers 100% Live Classes to increase engagement and encourage higher completion rates. We aim to give candidates a personalized learning experience tailor-made to suit their end-to-end needs. Hence, we have smaller batch sizes to ensure that the learning experience is interactive and impactful. 

Our unique platform also gives candidates a confidence boost, body language training, skill grooming, and effective communication. Additionally, with the use of industry-based live case studies, our candidates acquire practical experience by working on industry problems. This makes edWisor’s candidate’s well-rounded employees having better career growth trajectories.

TechGraph: How do you make sure the personalized learning experience for each student?

Abinash Nanda: The mentors on our platform are carefully selected experts in their respective fields. They have proven track-records that ensure the best-in-class pedagogy for our candidates. With our 100% Live classes, we can facilitate Real-Time Interactions with the mentors who assess the candidates based on their strengths and weaknesses and develop more effective methods of teaching. 

These smaller batch sizes also instill confidence in the candidates. We even use data-driven insights that can offer higher personalization based on an individual’s learning needs.

TechGraph: What are your plans around up-skilling and new products and formats?

Abinash Nanda: A key focus will remain on upskilling or reskilling the workforce as continuous learning is important for safeguarding jobs, especially with the job market looking so bleak. As for a new product, we will be launching edWisor academy aimed at students. We will also start classes for Web Development with 100% Live interaction.

TechGraph: EdTech businesses seem to have benefited from COVID-19. Why do you think that is happening?

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Abinash Nanda: COVID-19 has pushed learning towards a technology-based paradigm with virtually all businesses scrambling to develop an online presence. Adding to it, the lockdown has made people solely reliant on online learning for wide-ranging purposes. 

EdTech was one of the only industries that could effectively offer a solution to a major problem. Hence, the demand has increased considerably.

TechGraph: Did you register any rise or fall in your platform during this six-month phase?

Abinash Nanda: Our platform has experienced a 2X growth in subscribers during the lockdown months with the completion rate in Live Classes doubling as well. Our smaller batch sizes have further led to a growth in interaction from 20% to over 60%.

TechGraph: Do you see the current market as a zero-sum game between edWisor and your competitors or there is room for everyone to grow together?

Abinash Nanda: EdTech as a whole has gained tremendously by the shifting of courses to online platforms. The industry is varied and caters to a diverse range of candidates in terms of age, background, and experiences. 

There is sufficient room for everyone to grow together due to the massive push towards online learning and the variety of courses one can avail of.

TechGraph: What does the future hold for edWisor?

Abinash Nanda: We will be making inroads to a greater branch of learning paradigms by launching edWisor academy – a platform solely aimed at students. We envision turning into one of the top Online Education providers in the industry. 

edWisor aims to achieve this goal by continuing to provide a high-quality education that confronts the unemployability challenge head-on. Our overarching objective is to solve the issue of skill shortage once and for all.

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