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Interview: Biojobz CEO Dr. Ganesh Nikam on a Tailored Approach to Biopharma Hiring

Dr. Ganesh Nikam, Managing Director & CEO of Biojobz, Reveals the Secret Behind Their Unique Approach to Hiring in the Biopharma Industry.

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In an interview with TechGraph, Dr. Ganesh Nikam Managing Director & CEO of Biojobz shares his insight into the company’s unique approach to addressing the hiring needs of Biopharma companies.

Read the complete interview below:

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TechGraph: Can you tell us how Biojobz specifically caters to Biopharma companies for their hiring needs?

Dr. Ganesh Nikam: At Biojobz, we specialize in catering to Biopharma companies’ hiring needs, offering an innovative and tailored approach. With a focus on science-intensive roles within the Pharma/Biotech value chain, Biojobz understands their intricacies.

What sets us apart is our team’s qualifications and background. Our team members hold qualifications in Pharmacy/Sciences and management, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the technologies and processes involved in the Biopharma industry.

This unique expertise allows us to easily grasp the complexities of the field, differentiating us from other executive search companies that work across multiple verticals. By working with a specific focus on the Biopharma industry, we at Biojobz create a strong knowledge foundation and depth in this field.

We continuously stay updated on the latest advancements, trends, and market dynamics to ensure we remain at the forefront. This deep understanding not only helps us identify top talent but also enables us to effectively screen candidates and match them with Biopharma companies’ specific requirements.

TechGraph: How does Biojobz help Biopharma companies streamline their recruitment process, especially when finding qualified candidates for specialized roles?

Dr. Ganesh Nikam: Biojobz offers comprehensive assistance to Biopharma companies in streamlining their recruitment process and finding qualified candidates for specialized roles. We begin by helping companies write compelling and accurate job roles/descriptions that effectively communicate the position requirements. By collaborating closely with our clients, we ensure that job descriptions attract the right candidates with the desired skills and expertise.

In addition to job descriptions, we also create role sale summaries, which provide a concise overview of the position, emphasizing key responsibilities, required qualifications, and growth opportunities. These summaries help Biopharma companies effectively market the role to potential candidates, showcasing its value and potential for career advancement.

We also understand the importance of assessing technical skills early in the recruitment process. To assist companies in this regard, we offer support in conducting initial technical assessments. This may involve evaluations, tests, or interviews tailored to the specialized role. By evaluating candidates’ proficiency in the required knowledge areas, we help companies identify the most qualified individuals for the position.

Moreover, we believe in providing candidates with valuable insights to make informed career decisions. Hence, we provide a comparative talent landscape, offering candidates a deeper understanding of the industry, market trends, and the competitive landscape. This information empowers candidates to make well-informed choices about their career progression in the biopharma sector.

TechGraph: What types of roles are typically advertised on your platform, and what kind of candidates do they attract?

Dr. Ganesh Nikam: On the Biojobz platform, you can typically find a wide range of roles advertised across various domains within the biopharma industry. These roles encompass different areas, including research, manufacturing, quality assurance, analytical development, environmental sciences, supply chain, and more. We aim to cover the full spectrum of positions vital to Biopharma companies’ success.

TechGraph: What features or tools does Biojobz offer to help Biopharma companies attract and retain top talent in the industry?

Dr. Ganesh Nikam: Biojobz offers a range of features and tools designed to help Biopharma companies attract and retain top talent in the industry. One such feature is our assistance with the branding piece for both the role and the client. We understand that strong branding is crucial to attracting highly skilled professionals.

Our team collaborates with Biopharma companies to develop and enhance their employer brand, effectively showcasing their values, culture, and unique selling points. By crafting compelling employer brand messaging, we help companies establish themselves as desirable employers in the industry, making them more appealing to top talent.

TechGraph: How does Biojobz differentiate itself from other job boards or recruitment platforms serving the biopharma industry?

Dr. Ganesh Nikam: Biojobz differentiates itself from other Biopharma job boards and recruitment platforms in two ways. Firstly, we offer end-to-end services, providing comprehensive support throughout the recruitment process, including job description creation, technical assessments, and talent landscape insights.

This personalized approach ensures tailored solutions for biopharma companies. Secondly, unlike CV/resume providers, we prioritize finding a suitable candidate over quantity. By understanding companies’ specific requirements, we identify the most suitable candidates for specialized roles, ensuring they possess the necessary qualifications and expertise.

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TechGraph: How does your platform leverage technology and data to help biopharma companies make more informed hiring decisions?

Dr. Ganesh Nikam: Biojobz leverages technology and data to empower Biopharma companies in making more informed hiring decisions. Our platform offers a “Competitive Talent Landscape” feature, which maps competitor companies in the industry. This provides valuable insights and a comprehensive view of the talent pool available.

By utilizing this data, companies can conduct targeted searches that are precise and accurate. This allows them to identify and attract the most suitable candidates for their specific needs. Furthermore, our platform provides essential candidate information, enabling companies to make targeted headhunting decisions and engage with potential candidates strategically.

TechGraph: How does your platform prioritize diversity and inclusion in the hiring process for Biopharma companies?

Dr. Ganesh Nikam: Biojobz places a strong emphasis on prioritizing diversity and inclusion in the hiring process for Biopharma companies. These values align with the direct mandates of leading Pharma and MNC companies that recognize the importance of a diverse workforce. To actively promote diversity, we have implemented ratios in the application processing stage, ensuring diverse candidates are given due consideration.

Additionally, we strive to maintain a healthy representation of diverse candidates in the CV/Resumes processed for each role. We take pride in our commitment to increasing diversity closures. Many of our clients provide additional incentives to encourage and support diverse candidates’ hiring.

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