Ministry Of Tribal Affairs launches Adi Prashikshan portal & insurgents 3 days online capacity building program for ST PRI Members

Adi Prashikshan portal has been inaugurated by Shri Arjun Munda, Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, GoI in the presence of Sh. Anil Kumar Jha, Secretary, and Dr. Navaljit Kapoor, Joint Secretary, and Ms. R. Jaya, Joint Secretary on 16th June 2021.

The Government of India has special concern and commitment for the Scheduled Tribes for improving their socioeconomic status. The unique challenges and concerns of Scheduled Tribes must be addressed to achieve Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of  SabkaSaath, SabkaVikas. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs is dedicated to frame policy and programs recognizing the distinct needs of the tribal communities and their areas and provides a comprehensive framework for their protection, empowerment, and development.

Shri Arjun Munda, Honorable Union Minister for Tribal Affairs stated that this vision of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs can only be successful when the tribal communities are aware of their rights and entitlements and a robust institutional delivery mechanism is put in place to ensure the last mile delivery and no tribal household is left behind.

“This requires extensive training and capacity building of different stakeholders, tribal communities and their representatives, officials, and nodal agencies. Further training of local communities is possible only when master trainers and resource persons are available at block and district level,” Shri Munda stated.

Towards this Ministry of Tribal Affairs has inaugurated a three-day training program on “Capacity Building Training of Master Trainers For ST PRI Members”.It is jointly organized by National Tribal Research Institute and Tribal Research & Development Institute, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh from 16th -19th June 2021. The participants of the training program will be  PA ITDAs, District Level & Block Level Welfare Officers, NGOs, Tribal Youths, SHG Member, and Sarpanches. This training program will cover topics such as Constitutional Rights of Schedule Tribes, Financial and administrative management of GPs, flagship programs of Central and State Governments schemes meant to improve education, health, nutrition, social security, livelihood, and skilling of youth.


Even Ministry in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme has developed the ADI PRASHIKSHAN portal. As the name suggests AdiPrashikshan- ‘Training for Tribals” is a very well-intended initiative to reach the remotest area with ‘knowledge packets’ using information technology (IT), so that the tribal community can have access to their rights and benefits. It’s an effort to bring Training Institutions/ Organizations, Experts, and Trainers together for addressing thematic knowledge gaps among Tribal PRIs, Communities, Officials, and various other stakeholders involved in tribal area development.

Shri Anil Kumar Jha, Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs stated that this portal would provide comprehensive information on training programs held across the country.

“This portal allows registering as an organizer of training programs and to partake as a trainee or a Master Trainer and acts as an information hub for each trainee and trainer who will have individual log-in credentials. The system will also generate digitally signed Certificates for each participant,” He informed.

Adi Prashikshan will transform the various ongoing training initiatives under different units of the Ministry like TRIs, CEOs and converge the initiatives for better skill and knowledge building. It will also catalyze and improve the processes of conducting training by making it online and accessible to all. A unified open platform will give users access to authentic knowledge products.

Dr. Navaljit Kapoor, Joint Secretary, MoTA stated that the portal also has search options on thematic areas of training along with location and organizer in an inter-linked manner and also captures dynamic disaggregated data.

“This initiative will be beneficial and will ensure tribal development to reach out to the people for whom it is meant,” He said.


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