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Apple partners with Girls Who Code, to empower women coders

San Francisco: In a bid to empower women coders and creators, Apple has partnered with "Girls Who Code", a US-based non-profit organisation, to create coding avenues for girls in the US."Using the 'Everyone Can Code' curriculum, 90,000 girls and 'Girls Who Code' club facilitators in all 50 states can learn to use Apple's easy to learn programming language, Swift, (with which) hundreds of thousands of apps are

Facebook and Telegram are working on their own cryptocurrencies, say reports

New York: More than 50 engineers at Facebook are reportedly busy giving shape to the social media giant's own cryptocurrency and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is quite bullish on the project.Not only Facebook, highly-encrypted mobile communications apps Telegram and Signal are also on the job to roll out new cryptocurrencies over the next year, The New York Times reported on Thursday."The most anticipated but

China lodges diplomatic protest with Canada on Huawei’s CFO extradition process

A livid China on Saturday lodged a diplomatic protest with Canada deploring its move to launch the extradition of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou to the US to stand trial on charges including fraud linked to the alleged violation of sanctions on Iran.Canada announced Friday that it would launch proceedings to extradite Meng, the high-profile daughter of Huawei's owner Ren Zhengfei, raising concerns in Beijing,

Microsoft to combine smartphones with Mixed reality, say reports

San Francisco: Microsoft is planning to combine smartphones with improved Mixed Reality (MR), a new patent filed by the company indicates, a report said.In the patent, Microsoft is talking about the different input methods that could be leveraged when combined with smartphones to allow users to interact better with the virtual environment, web portal MSPoweruser said in the report on Thursday."The Virtual

Huawei plans to pay billions in cash dividends to its shareholding employees

China’s Huawei is set to reward employee shareholders with a 3 percent rise in cash dividends that are worth billions of dollars, according to company sources and Reuters calculations - a move expected to boost morale as it battles a US-led drive against its telecom gear.The payout also appears to indicate profit growth as well as confidence the company can survive US accusations that its telecoms network

Microsoft to end its support for Health Dashboard app and services for its smart-band fitness tracker

San Francisco: Microsoft is ending support for its "Health Dashboard" applications and services for its smart-band fitness tracker. It will refund all users whose devices are still under warranty.The company is offering $79.99 for Band 1 owners and $175 for Band 2 devices."On May 31, the 'Microsoft Health Dashboard' site will be shut down and Microsoft Band applications will be removed from the Microsoft

Tesla’s Model S and Model X gets big price cuts

San Francisco: Electric Vehicle (EV) maker Tesla has announced big price cuts for its high-end Model S and Model X after shifting to online-only sales."The long-range Model S and Model X vehicles now cost $83,000 and $88,000, respectively, down from $96,000 before savings."That makes the long-range Model S just $4,000 more expensive than the base version, despite having a range that's 65 miles longer and a

Canadian Government approves extradition proceedings against Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou

The Canadian government, as expected, on March 1 approved extradition proceedings against the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, prompting a furious reaction from China.Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei's founder, was detained in Vancouver last December and is under house arrest. In late January the U.S. Justice Department charged Meng and Huawei with conspiring to violate US sanctions on

G-Suite users get AI-based grammar checker from Google

US Internet giant Google has said its artificial intelligence (AI)-based grammar checker, corporate web tools and services are available for all users of G Suite, to help them improve writing.Unlike standard spellcheck in Google Docs, Google applies Machine Learning technology to grammar checker as one of the AI tools that can let software understand complex grammar rules and identify any "tricky" grammatical

Samsung agrees to settle the two-year old patent dispute with Huawei in the US court

China's Huawei Technologies and South Korea's Samsung Electronics have agreed to settle a two-year old patent dispute in the United States, court documents show.The two companies filed a joint motion to a U.S. appeals court on Tuesday to pause court proceedings over their intellectual property disputes because they have entered into a settlement agreement on February 25.The world's two largest makers of