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Tesla to increase the price of its full Self-driving option

Electric Vehicle (EV) maker Tesla is set to increase the price of its Full Self-Driving option from May 1."Please note that the price of the Tesla Full Self-Driving option will increase substantially over time," Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla, tweeted late on Saturday.Musk, however, didn't provide a specific figure. While responding to a question on Twitter, he said the increase would be "something like"

Apple is spending $500 million on “Arcade” gaming service

Apple is reportedly spending over $500 million to build its own stable of "Arcade" gaming service.The iPhone-maker announced its first-ever game subscription service called Apple Arcade in March that would feature over 100 new and exclusive games, including original releases from renowned creators like Hironobu Sakaguchi, Ken Wong and Will Wright."Apple is spending 'hundreds of millions' of dollars, 'likely'

Google sharing data with US officials

At a time when concerns over data collection and breach by tech majors are on the rise, it has been reported that US law enforcement officials have been turning to a particular Google database called "Sensorvault" to trace location and other data of people as part of their investigations.The database, that is otherwise maintained to collect user-information from Google products for ad targeting, contains

Twitter, Facebook and others remove 503 posts after Election Commission flags them

Social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, pulled down a total of 503 posts from their platforms after the Election Commission flagged them for violating the model code of conduct (MCC) during the "silence period," the 48 hours before the conclusion of voting.EC Director General Dhirendra Ojha told reporters that of these, a whopping 500 posts were removed by Facebook alone. while two posts were removed

Twitter witnessed 45.6 million tweets in a month before the Lok Sabha election 2019

The U.S. based micro-blogging site Twitter Inc on Thursday announced that "It has reported 45.6 million tweets on its platform during a first-month period ahead of the Lok Sabha election 2019, including 1.2 million tweets in the first day of the voting."The first phase of the #LokSabhaElections2019 has Twitter buzzing with conversation. 45.6M Tweets were recorded from India and across the globe.

Facebook spends $22.6 million on Mark Zuckerberg security

Facebook Inc more than doubled the money it spent on Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg's security in 2018 to $22.6 million, a regulatory filing showed on April 12.Zuckerberg has drawn a base salary of $1 for the past three years, and his "other" compensation was listed at $22.6 million, most of which was for his personal security.Nearly $20 million went towards security for Zuckerberg and his family,

Facebook to ban groups for spreading fake news

San Francisco: In yet another bid to tame fake news, Facebook will crack down on Groups that repeatedly share misinformation by reducing that Group's overall News Feed distribution.The social media platform will also hold admins of the Facebook Groups more accountable for the Community Standards violations."When people in a group repeatedly share content that has been rated false by independent

Google launches Anthos

San Francisco: Google has introduced a new open platform called "Anthos" to run and manage apps from anywhere.Based on the Cloud Services Platform that Google announced in 2018, "Anthos" lets users run applications on existing on-premise hardware investments or in the Public Cloud."Anthos not only allows customers to deploy Google Cloud in their own data centres but also gives them the flexibility to build,

Facebook plans to map the entire world’s population

San Francisco: Aiming to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create accurate maps, Facebook said its maps now cover "majority" of Africa and that its project would eventually map nearly the whole world's population.In 2016, Facebook had created population maps for 22 nations."When it is completed, humanitarian agencies will be able to determine how populations are distributed even in remote areas so that