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Apple Products: Worth The Hype?



Apple is the world’s biggest electronics brand, leaving others, like Samsung and LG in the dust. There’s no doubt that the company has been extraordinarily successful over the last twenty years. However, as consumers, we still need to ask ourselves whether it’s worth splashing out extra on the brand’s products. It is? 

In this post, we attempt to answer this question. Are Apple products the best of the best, or just overpriced tech?

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They Introduced The First Smartphones

Apple was the first company to bring what we would recognize as a smartphone to market. Yes, early products were basic, but they showed us that it was possible to have a supercomputer the size of a deck of playing cards in your hand. 

The fact that Apple were the first to market in 2007 doesn’t mean that you should rush out and buy their products today. However, it is something that’s allowed them to build their own ecosystem of components, something that helps them drive quality today. 

Apple does practically everything in-house. It builds its own operating software, programming language, parts and hardware. It then outsources fabrication and assembly to hundreds of factories across the world. 

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This model is extremely successful and means that the company is able to offer a consistent experience across devices. As a user, you can move from your iPhone to your iPad and essentially feel like you’re using an identical device (minus the change in screen size). 

They Have A Great Reputation

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Why did Apple become the biggest brand in the world? Well, part of it has to do with the genius of Steve Jobs. But remember, when he died, Apple was only worth $300 billion. Today, it’s valued at more than $2 trillion, so it must be doing something right. 

The biggest driver of Apple’s success is their reputation. Everyone — and we mean everyone — waxes lyrical about how user-friendly and intuitive the company’s products are to use. 

What’s more, this reputation seems to be strong enough to encourage people to look past the company’s faults. Even if your current Mac keeps shutting down or your old iPhone won’t switch on, you still want the latest model. 

They Offer A Better User Experience

Google smartphones offer an easy, seamless experience. The Android operating system is incredibly user-friendly. However, in the eyes of consumers, Apple is still king of the hill. That’s because it was the first brand to really think seriously about the types of experiences that smartphone and tablet users wanted. 

Instead of presenting them with difficult-to-use menus, Apple changed the game. It made everything much easier — and that’s stuck with consumers ever since. 


So what have we learned in this article? Well, whether Apple products are worth it really depends on your budget. Yes, the company has an impressive track record, but it also charges consumers high prices. It also has a bad reputation for planned obsolescence — building failure into its devices deliberately so consumers have to go out and buy new ones. With that said, people keep going back for more.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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