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Dhiway Tie-ups With Google Cloud To Provide CORD-Based Solutions for Developers and Startups



Dhiway, a prominent enterprise Web 3.0 technology provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, aimed at advancing the development of population-scale applications through the utilization of CORD, a foundational distributed ledger and blockchain network platform. 

The primary objective of this partnership is to provide developers and startups with a conducive environment for developing innovative solutions by leveraging the capabilities of cryptography and open standards. 

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CORD distinguishes itself by incorporating essential functionalities such as persistent identifiers, credentials verification, unalterable data history, seamless interoperability, and comprehensive data registers. These attributes collectively contribute to establishing unparalleled levels of trust, verifiability, and privacy within the realm of digital ecosystems.   

The collaboration between Dhiway and Google Cloud seeks to accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies characterized by decentralization, digital identities, verifiable data exchange, and enhanced user interactions. 

Speaking about the partnership, Satish Mohan, CTO, Dhiway said, “We are excited to partner with Google Cloud to facilitate the development of population-scale applications powered by CORD.” 

“This collaboration represents an incredible opportunity for startups to receive the guidance, support, and resources needed to thrive in the Web 3.0 ecosystem. We look forward to empowering developers and startups to realize their transformative visions,” Mohan added.   

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Further talking about the collaboration, Bikram Singh Bedi, Managing Director of Google Cloud India, said, “Our collaboration with Dhiway will enable developers and startups to innovate and build faster and more securely. This opens up tremendous opportunities for enterprises and the overall ecosystem.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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