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Interview: Instahyre’s Sarbojit Mallick On Empowering HR Industry with AI-Driven Innovations



In an interview with TechGraph Sarbojit Mallick, Co-Founder of Instahyre, discusses how its advanced AI algorithms and tools are revolutionizing the recruitment process, by ensuring personalized candidate sourcing for HR.

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TechGraph: Instahyre has been at the forefront of leveraging AI and technology in the HR industry. Could you elaborate on how these advancements have enhanced the recruitment process? What specific tools or algorithms have been implemented to streamline candidate sourcing, screening, and selection?

Sarbojit Mallick: With Instahyre Talent Insights, recruiters can tailor their sourcing strategy and create a better candidate pipeline by targeting a highly relevant talent pool. Our Insights tool provides an at-a-glance view of available candidates in the market using our AI-powered Instamatch algorithm. It also offers intelligent suggestions to refine your search for a talent pool that matches your requirements.

Instahyre Talent Insights will show you where the top talent is if you wish to expand your talent strategy to different nationwide markets. Location mapping enables the expansion of talent markets by discovering skilled individuals in untapped regions across India. By utilizing this approach, businesses and organizations can uncover talent that has not been explored geographically.

This opens up new opportunities to identify and engage with highly capable individuals with unique skills and expertise. By broadening talent search beyond traditional hubs, companies can tap into a wider pool of qualified candidates and enhance their talent acquisition strategies.

It provides job intelligence data by capturing top designations for the skills you are hiring for and/or which job function a particular skill belongs to. You can add more keywords or restrict job functions to refine your talent pool. You can benchmark competitively by understanding which companies hire similar skills.

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TechGraph: AI-powered technologies have revolutionized the HR sector, including talent acquisition, candidate assessment, and employee engagement. How has Instahyre utilized AI and technology to improve these areas, and what benefits have been observed regarding efficiency, accuracy, and the overall candidate experience?

Sarbojit Mallick: Many companies experience suboptimal conversion rates while communicating with prospective candidates. That’s not surprising at all, as 92% of emails sent to candidates are not personalized, according to our survey. Instahyre Inbox has been designed for recruiters to stand out among the many emails a potential hire receives. It gives recruiters the edge they need to get the maximum conversions with the least effort.

Highly personalized email templates show that you understood the candidate’s profile and create an impressive impression of your employer brand. These emails can be sent with just a click through your recruiter account. Follow-up communication with candidates is important for a higher response rate. Our AI-driven tool InstaBot sends personalized automated reminder emails to candidates who don’t respond to recruiter emails.

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InstaBot understands user behavior and schedules emails for each candidate when they are most likely to reply. This “drip campaign” is done to get maximum open rates with no extra effort. Recruiters have seen a 121% increase in drip campaign response rates.

Interview scheduling is the most cumbersome and labor-intensive part of the hiring process. On average, a recruiter spends 2/3rd of their hiring time on the interview process. The recruiter’s time is wasted on coordination, reminders, and follow-up on interview slots and stakeholders, which could have been spent on other tasks. Instahyre’s sophisticated technology makes it seamless to schedule interviews with candidates without extra effort. Easily align calendars, send automated interview emails, schedule reminders, and create video interview links instantly.

Recruiters can access candidate profiles directly from the interview invite at all times. So forget about switching between ATS, emails, calendars, and Excel sheets for just one interview, and focus on creating an amazing interview experience. Video interview tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Outlook, and Google Calendars can seamlessly be integrated into your employer’s account. Schedule interviews directly through Instahyre Inbox and shorten your recruiting process by half.

TechGraph: With the rapid evolution of AI and technology, concerns have been raised regarding bias and fairness in recruitment processes. How does Instahyre ensure that its AI algorithms and tools are free from bias and promote diversity and inclusion during candidate evaluation and selection?

Sarbojit Mallick: At Instahyre, we support your diversity-sourcing efforts by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Our patent-pending AI-enabled InstaMatch algorithm identifies diversity patterns in hiring companies and analyzes millions of present and past employees of a hiring company. This helps the system understand key growth indicators and suggest suitably diverse candidates for the current job openings posted by the organization on the Instahyre platform.

InstaMatch provides smart recommendations of diverse talent to recruiters for thousands of job roles to reduce attrition. The algorithm analyzes millions of data points related to candidate growth and tenure in an organization, company size, specific skill sets, etc. By using the diversity-specific filters in ‘Advanced search’ and ‘Candidate page’, recruiters can proactively source diverse candidates.

Instahyre makes recruitment more inclusive. Gender details can be hidden across the platform from the “Advanced search” and “Candidate page” as well as on the “Job page”. With Instahyre’s cutting-edge AI-driven solution, D&I heads can eliminate unconscious bias right at the sourcing stage of the recruitment process. Companies need to embrace diversity & inclusivity.

TechGraph: The use of AI in HR can significantly impact decision-making processes, but human judgment and empathy are also crucial in assessing candidates’ fit within an organization’s culture. How does Instahyre balance technology-driven evaluations and the human touch required to understand intangible qualities like cultural fit and interpersonal skills?

Sarbojit Mallick: Our platform facilitates seamless communication and interaction between employers and candidates, allowing for meaningful conversations and deeper insights into candidates’ suitability to an organization’s culture. With Instahyre’s AI-enabled Talent Acquisition Suite & Application Tracking System in place, you don’t have to look for other screening tools. You can create custom screening questions in minutes using our dedicated dashboard. The questionnaire can be made available when posting a job on the platform. Applicants will receive the questionnaire link automatically, without manual action.

Instahyre also offers knock-out questions that no other sourcing platform offers. They benefit from automated screening, enabling recruiters to screen out candidates who don’t fit their hiring criteria. Our AI-enabled InstaBot also notifies candidates to submit questionnaires automatically, saving you hours of wasted screening efforts. Recruiters get prompt information about candidates and have more time to focus on essential activities.

HR leaders turn to platforms such as Instahyre, as we offer high customization powered by our AI technology to deliver a personalized experience to candidates at scale. Once you are ready, preview each questionnaire to see how it appears to candidates. Our screening questionnaire, leveraging cutting-edge technology and automation, leaves little room for unconscious bias and human error.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder & Group Editor of TechGraph.

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