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Addressing Students’ Challenges and Syllabus Confluence: Nitin Viijay On Motion Education Approach to NEET and IIT JEE Prep



In an interview with TechGraph, Nitin Viijay, Founder & CEO of Motion Education spoke about the institute’s unique approach to preparing students for NEET and IIT JEE exams and how it tackles the motivation and syllabus management challenges faced by NEET and IIT JEE aspirants.

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TechGraph: Can you tell us about Motion Education’s approach to preparing students for the NEET and IIT JEE examinations?

Nitin Viijay: Coming with more than 16 years of trust and excellence, Motion Education provides the best study material along with an excellent faculty. We also believe in the importance of technology and so we provide students with an ideal combination of education and technology with the help of Motion Learning App and CPS Machine for escalating the learning process of students.

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TechGraph: How does Motion Education ensure that its teaching methods and materials are up-to-date and effective in preparing students for these competitive exams?

Nitin Viijay: Motion Education takes several measures to ensure that its teaching methods and materials are up-to-date and effective in preparing students for competitive exams. Some steps are:

Regular Training: We conduct regular training programs for faculty to enhance their teaching skills and at the same time help them stay abreast of the latest trends in the education sector. Along with this, it helps them adopt innovative teaching pedagogy which contributes to coming up with a methodology that is more relatable to students and improves their grasping power.

Content Development Team: We have a dedicated team that develops and updates the curriculum based on the latest syllabus and exam patterns. They incorporate changes in the content, focus on important topics, and emphasize areas that have higher weightage in the exams.

Study Material and Test Series: We provide study materials, such as comprehensive textbooks, and practice question banks, which are regularly reviewed and updated. We also offer regular mock tests and test series that simulate the actual exam environment, helping students gauge their progress and identify areas for improvement.

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TechGraph: Could you discuss some of the challenges that students face when preparing for NEET and IIT JEE exams, and how Motion Education addresses these challenges?

Nitin Viijay: Over the years we have observed that students find it difficult to stay motivated throughout the preparation period. There are instances, when not being able to perform well in an exam they become demotivated and scared to appear for other tests. Understanding their mental situation, some expert counselors help students break the vicious cycle of falling prey to negative thoughts and always strive to thrive in life.

In addition to this, considering that students are preparing for entrance and Boards at the same time, it could be quite tiring and confusing for them to handle both exams. Though the syllabus of both is the same there is a stark difference in the pattern which requires an entirely different approach. Hence, the faculty at Motion Education coming with more than a decade of teaching experience is adept at bringing about the confluence of both exams to cover the varied intricacies together.

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TechGraph: How does Motion Education tailor its coaching programs to meet the individual needs and strengths of each student?

Nitin Viijay: In order to help the students get the best education, at Motion Education we have a CPS machine that helps us analyze the performance of the students better. Giving a proper report of the strengths and weaknesses of the students helps the teachers identify areas where students are struggling or excelling.

Based on it, we provide personalized learning to focus on the cognitive ability of the students, helping them to improve their overall performance. Personalized coaching and mentoring help students clarify concepts, strengthen weak areas, and receive guidance based on their progress. Depending on the feedback, the coaching programs can be adjusted to focus on areas that need improvement or provide additional challenges for high-performing students.

TechGraph: With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting education globally, how has Motion Education adapted its coaching programs to ensure that students receive quality education and preparation for NEET and IIT JEE exams?

Nitin Viijay: Motion Education had already integrated digital teaching methods into the curriculum way before the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, during the challenging times, we were well-prepared for a smooth transition to online education. The institute had recognized the potential of digital platforms and had already invested in the necessary technologies and developments to provide students with a seamless learning experience.

The digital infrastructure implemented by Motion Education allowed them to deliver live online classes, interactive study materials, and virtual doubt-solving sessions.

It ensured that students could continue their education without disruption, regardless of physical limitations or geographical boundaries. We were a step ahead, as most of the coaches were still facing the challenge of technology and trying to use it to benefit students.

TechGraph: How does Motion Education support and prepare students who may not have had access to high-quality education and resources in their early academic years?

Nitin Viijay: Motion Education offers foundation courses specifically designed for students who need to strengthen their foundational knowledge and concepts. These courses focus on bridging the gaps in their understanding and providing a solid base for advanced topics.

In line with this, availing the benefits of our lottery system, recently a watchman and daughter of a vegetable vendor were able to take coaching at our institute. As part of our lottery system, they were provided accommodation and study material, and along with this, the coaching fee was taken care of by the institute.

Individual Attention: We offer individual attention to students who have had limited access to quality education. We provide extra support through one-on-one interactions, personalized doubt-solving sessions, and additional guidance to help these students catch up and stay on track with their peers.

Inclusive Classroom Environment: We strive to create an inclusive classroom environment where all students, regardless of their educational background, feel valued and supported. We foster a culture of collaboration, peer learning, and mutual support to ensure that every student can thrive and make progress in their academic journey.

TechGraph: Can you discuss the role technology plays in Motion Education’s coaching programs for NEET and IIT JEE exams?

Nitin Viijay: The rate at which technology is evolving perennially, is increasing the preparation of competitive exams for students. It comes with the liberty that enables learners to study at their own pace. At the same time, it allows them to calibrate their performance at regular intervals of time by providing them with concrete feedback. Looking at the wide gamut of advantages technology offers, even we at Motion Education exercise seamless integration of technology to scale the performance of our students.

In line with this, we have a Motion Learning App which is the largest online learning platform that helps students prepare for competitive exams like JEE, NEET & various Olympiads. Motion offers an unmatched experience by combining the best teaching methodologies with powerful visualization. The app allows for Live Classes, Tests and Analysis, Unlimited Doubts, Unlimited Practice Questions, Recorded Video Lectures, and Lecture Notes.

Along with this, Motion Education has India’s first-ever Adaptive CPS Machine. This machine is not just an equipment, but a symbol of our commitment to innovation and progress. It represents a significant investment in our student’s future.

It enables us to work more efficiently and effectively, to produce high-quality products, and to make a positive impact on the student’s preparation for the competitive exam.

The CPS Machine identifies students’ weak points about a particular subject & provides a Practice sheet that is unique & different for every student based on his/her abilities.

Hence, this unique system recognizes the various needs of different students and can generate practice sheets for them in a customized manner. It is determined by students’ performance in regular exams that are submitted through our Motion Learning App, making it one of a kind. The technology is available on our Motion Learning App to ensure it is easily accessible to everyone across the country.

TechGraph: Finally, could you share any exciting future plans Motion Education has for expanding coaching services or improving its existing programs?

Nitin Viijay: Currently, we have 60+ centers across the country, and by the end of FY 23-24, we are planning on expanding to around 100 centers. Along with this, our major motive is to provide an affordable and best education system so it is accessible to every student across the country.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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