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Apple’s new MacBook air has topped the regular MacBook by both: price and power

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With Apple being such a best company for electric gadgets, users thought they’ve got their hands on the best while using the regular MacBook, that is until the MacBook air was introduced.

With a stylish new design, sharper display and quality features like a touch ID etc, the MacBook Air is not here to play. Having received a new upgrade, the MacBook Air is more powerful than the regular sized Macbook and size wise, it fits perfectly in between the regular Macbook and the MacBook Pro. It costs roughly around $1199 and provides great portability.

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The keyboard provides a better typing experience and also has a second Thunderbolt port. With a retina display, this MacBook Air has been greatly upgraded from the regular Macbook.

According to reports and statements from the company, “Apple faced a huge drop in the sales of the regular MacBook in 2010 but now with the Macbook air, along with the prices, the sales have gone up too.”

The latest and advanced features of the MacBook Air has attracted so many consumers that despite it being more expensive and smaller in size than the MacBook Pro, people are facing huge advantages with
the upgrades and new specifications.

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Apple has greatly outdone itself with this one and has boosted its iPad sales too along with the MacBook Air.


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