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Huawei reportedly files to trademark its new ‘Harmony’ OS

Chinese tech giant Huawei has reportedly filed a trademark application with the EU Intellectual Property Office for a new operating system (OS) called Harmony, even as issues with the US government after the trade blacklist seem to be easing now.The smartphone and telecommunications player is attempting to register the name for an OS for both mobile and computer use; the trademark application is dated July 12,

FTC slaps Facebook with $5 billion in fine

At $5 billion, the fine the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is about to levy on Facebook is by far the largest it's given to a technology company, easily eclipsing the second largest, $22 million for Google in 2012.The long-expected punishment, which Facebook is well prepared for, is unlikely to make a dent in the social media giant's deep pockets. But it will also likely saddle the company with additional

Facebook is not that bad, may kill depression in adults

New York: If you use a social networking site like Facebook, you are 1.63 times more likely to avoid serious psychological distress such as depression and anxiety, find researchers.Using social media apps like Facebook does have its own advantages, and one such positive outcome is improving mental health among adults.According to a Michigan State University study, using social media and the Internet

Facebook’s this update will now allow the users to rank and promote the comments

San Francisco: In a move to make conversations on public posts more meaningful, Facebook has rolled out an update where it will rank comments to promote those that are most relevant to users.Facebook will now start showing comments on public posts more prominently when the comments have interactions from the page or the person who originally posted or from friends of the person who posted."We will continue

Facebook stops Huawei from pre-installing its apps on phones

LONDON: Facebook said Friday it has stopped letting its apps come pre-installed on smartphones sold by Huawei in order to comply with U.S. restrictions, a move that deals a fresh blow to the Chinese tech giant.The social network said it has suspended providing software for Huawei to put on its devices while it reviews recently introduced U.S. sanctions.Owners of existing Huawei smartphones that already have

Walmart faces major India test over Flipkart’s legal tiff with Ratan Tata backed startup

An Indian startup's legal challenge against Walmart-owned Flipkart claiming losses caused by sharp discounting of its products is winning support from other online sellers, in what is shaping as a key test of how the giant retailer operates in the country.The legal tussle between GOQii, a seller of smartwatch-type health devices, and Flipkart, comes just months after India imposed stricter rules for foreign

Apple wants developers to place Apple login button above Google and Facebook

Apple will require developers to position a new "Sign on with Apple" button in iPhone and iPad apps above rival buttons from Alphabet's Google and Facebook, according to developer guidelines released this week.The move to give Apple prime placement is significant because users often select the default or top option on apps. And Apple will force apps to offer its button if they want to offer options to login with

Facebook discusses its crypto stablecoin idea with CFTC

San Francisco: Moving forward with its crypto stablecoin initiative, Facebook has ignited a discussion with the US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).According to the Financial Times, CFTC Chairman Christopher Giancarlo confirmed that the agency held "very early stages of conversations" with Facebook, news portal Coin Desk reported on Sunday.The goal of the meeting was to better understand if

After Google and Amazon, US antitrust spotlight turns on Apple and Facebook

The American Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has secured the right to examine how Facebook’s practices affect its digital competition, Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, while a Reuters report said the US justice department is considering probing Apple.The developments form part of a broader US review of whether technology giants are using their size to act in an anti-competitive manner.Shares of

Amazon may fall under FTC’s jurisdiction on the antitrust case

Following an agreement between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), e-commerce giant Amazon could fall under FTC's jurisdiction on antitrust subjects.According to The Washington Post, this "kind of arrangement brokered between the DOJ and the FTC typically presages more serious antitrust scrutiny," The Verge reported on Monday.The news comes after reports broke on Friday