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Unspoken Challenges of Cloud Security in Serverless Environments



In today’s technologically advanced world, serverless computing has emerged as a revolution, offering businesses an attractive way to deploy code into production without the intricacies of managing the underlying servers. 

However, this shift has also brought many subtle security concerns that often go unspoken. Efficient management of these challenges is essential to safeguard applications and maintain operational integrity. Here’s how to address the key security issues inherent in serverless architectures.

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Tightening Function Permissions

Serverless platforms like AWS Lambda and Azure Functions execute code in response to events without traditional server management. While this setup offers convenience, it’s vital to manage function permissions carefully.

Assigning overly broad permissions can lead to security vulnerabilities, such as unauthorized data injection if a function has unnecessary database write access. To prevent such risks, it’s essential to adhere to the principle of least privilege—functions should only have the permissions necessary for their specific tasks. Regular audits help maintain minimal permissions, enhancing security.

Securing Event Data in Serverless Architectures

To mitigate potential security vulnerabilities in serverless environments, it’s essential to thoroughly validate and sanitize all incoming event data. Ensuring that functions are designed to handle unexpected or malicious inputs can significantly enhance security. Implementing rate limiting also plays a crucial role, as it helps prevent abuse by controlling the frequency of triggered events.

Managing Third-Party Dependencies

Serverless functions rely heavily on third-party libraries, which can introduce vulnerabilities. To safeguard against these risks, it is critical to regularly update and patch dependencies. Employ vulnerability scanning tools to detect and address security flaws efficiently. Additionally, incorporating a software composition analysis tool offers a thorough assessment of your application’s dependencies, ensuring all components are secure and current. This strategy is essential for maintaining robust security in serverless environments.

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Enhancing Visibility and Monitoring 

The transient nature of serverless functions, which appear and disappear as needed, complicates traditional security monitoring. This lack of persistent infrastructure can obscure visibility, making threat detection and response challenging.

To overcome this, it’s crucial to utilize monitoring solutions tailored specifically for serverless architectures. These tools provide real-time logging, monitoring, and alerting capabilities, allowing for continuous oversight of the security posture. By adopting such specialized tools, organizations can ensure that they remain alert to security threats in a dynamically changing serverless landscape.

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Session Management 

Serverless architectures handle each function call independently without sharing state, complicating session and authentication management and increasing the risk of issues like token theft.

To address these challenges, it is essential to secure session data using HTTPS and secure cookie settings to protect session data. Implement short-lived JWTs for authentication to minimize vulnerability. For effective session management, use scalable storage solutions like Redis or DynamoDB, which support quick state checks and enhance overall security.

Serverless computing offers unmatched agility and scalability, yet it comes with its own set of unique security challenges. To truly capitalize on serverless technologies while keeping your operations secure, it’s vital to understand and actively address these risks. In the world of cybersecurity, staying informed and alert is essential. By prioritizing security in every architectural decision, you can ensure that your defenses are robust and your business remains protected.


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Himanshu Kumar
Himanshu Kumar
Himanshu Kumar, Vice President, Digital Solutions, Compunnel

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