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Gujarat’s Rogue Opportunities to Infuse 25 Crores into Indian Startups



Rogue Opportunities, a Gujarat-based angel network has announced its ambitious plan to invest over Rs 25 crores in startups across the country over the next year.

Since its inception in 2022, Rogue Opportunities has been democratizing angel investments and fostering a robust startup ecosystem across the country.

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The core team at Rogue Opportunities brings together a diverse range of expertise, including four Chartered Accountants who excel in finance, valuations, due diligence, debt syndications, investments, compliances, and navigating the intricate facets of the startup ecosystem. The fifth founder, a seasoned serial entrepreneur who spearheaded BNI Ahmedabad, contributes invaluable experience in building and scaling businesses.

“Our fundamental mission is to bridge the gap between startups and investors, by providing the essential funding and resources necessary to fuel their growth and success,” Rougue Opportunities in its statement said.

Speaking about the investment plan, Dishank Shah, Co-Founder of Rogue Opportunities said “Our vision extends beyond Gujarat as we seek to empower promising startups from all corners of India. We are passionate about supporting the brightest minds across the country and propelling their ideas to new heights.”

Having established strong collaborations with over 200 angel investors and family offices in Gujarat, Rogue Opportunities’ average investment ticket size ranges from 50 lakhs to 1.5 crores, enabling it to support startups at various developmental stages.

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By expanding its reach beyond Gujarat’s borders, Rogue aspires to make a substantial contribution to India’s startup ecosystem, serving as a catalyst for entrepreneurship throughout the nation.

In addition to financial investments, Rogue Opportunities is committed to delivering mentoring services, facilitating the scaling of startups, and preparing them for subsequent rounds of funding.

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These mentoring initiatives extend nationally as part of the network’s role as a startup accelerator, actively fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing emerging talent.

Despite its relatively short existence, Rogue Opportunities has already invested over Rs. 12 crores in a diverse array of startups, counting among its beneficiaries companies like Healthy Mills – the Savory, Knoksense, Ayushpay, Parkmate, and Crib.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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