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Navigating the Startup Ecosystem: IVY Growth Associates’ Prateek Tosniwal On Thriving Ventures in India



Speaking to TechGraph, Prateek Tosniwal, Co-founder of IVY Growth Associates spoke about the meticulous selection process employed by IVY Growth to identify startups with high growth potential. He also discusses the common challenges faced by startups in India and how IVY Growth effectively addresses these challenges to foster their success.

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TechGraph: Ivy Growth has been actively involved in supporting the Indian startup ecosystem. Could you tell us about the specific initiatives or programs your company has implemented to empower and nurture startups in India?

Prateek Tosniwal: IVY Growth is dedicated to empowering and nurturing startups in the Indian ecosystem through various initiatives and programs. One of our flagship events is The Mega Startup Summit ‘21by72‘, which is organized annually.

Last year, we witnessed tremendous success with over 5,000 attendees, including more than 20 prominent VCs and Angel Networks, 200+ Startup Founders, and numerous industry leaders. This year, we are excited to continue this tradition. We have already received confirmations from over 60 VCs and Angel Networks, over 80 industry leaders, and 300+ startup founders, among others.

This event brings together the entire industry under one roof, providing a platform for startup founders to connect with the leading investors in India. It serves as a catalyst for meaningful collaborations, funding opportunities, and knowledge sharing.

Additionally, we host monthly pitch days where 3 or 4 startups present their ideas to a curated audience of over 50 angel investors. These pitch days facilitate valuable connections and potential funding for participating startups.

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Furthermore, we are in the process of launching an acceleration program that will offer comprehensive mentoring and guidance to startups, supporting them from company formation to fundraising.

Our aim is to provide the necessary resources, expertise, and networking opportunities for startups to thrive and succeed in their entrepreneurial journey. Through these initiatives and programs, IVY Growth is committed to driving startups’ growth and success in India by fostering an ecosystem of collaboration, innovation, and investor support.

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TechGraph: What criteria does Ivy Growth use to select the startups it supports? How do you ensure that you are identifying promising ventures with high growth potential?

Prateek Tosniwal: At IVY Growth, we have a rigorous selection process to identify promising ventures with high growth potential. We employ several criteria to evaluate startups, including product-market fit, founder-market fit, competitive analysis, and our proprietary scoring model.

Product-market fit is crucial as it ensures that the startup’s product or service aligns with customer needs and preferences. We assess the startup’s understanding of its target market and how well its offering meets market demands.

Founder-market fit is another important aspect we consider. We evaluate the founder’s expertise, experience, and passion for the industry. Strong founder-market fit increases the likelihood of success in navigating challenges and driving growth.

We believe strategic analysis plays a vital role in our selection process. We assess the startup’s competitive landscape, unique value proposition, and any competitive advantages or differentiators that set it apart. This analysis helps us determine if the startup has a sustainable competitive advantage or a “MOAT” in the industry.

Additionally, we employ our proprietary scoring model, which combines qualitative and quantitative factors to assess startup potential. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to identify startups with high growth potential and aligns with our mission of supporting promising ventures. By utilizing these criteria and methodologies, we strive to ensure that we select startups that demonstrate strong potential for success and have the capacity to deliver significant growth in their respective industries.

TechGraph: In your experience, what are some of the common challenges faced by startups in India, and how does Ivy Growth address these challenges to foster their success?

Prateek Tosniwal: In our experience, startups in India face several common challenges, especially on their fundraising journey. One of the key challenges is effectively communicating their business model to investors during pitches. It is essential for founders to articulate their value proposition, market potential, and growth strategy in a concise and compelling manner to capture investor interest.

At Ivy Growth, we address this challenge by providing guidance and mentorship to startup founders to refine their pitch presentations. We help them craft a clear and impactful narrative that effectively communicates their unique selling points and value proposition to potential investors. Our team of experts helps startups identify the key messages and metrics that resonate with investors and enhance their chances of securing funding.

Another common challenge faced by startups is identifying the right investors. It is crucial for founders to approach investors who have a genuine interest in their industry but can also provide strategic support and guidance.

At Ivy Growth, we leverage our extensive network of investors, including VCs, angel networks, and strategic partners. We connect startups with the right investors who align with their industry and growth goals. We facilitate introductions, enabling startups to engage with investors who have the necessary expertise and resources to support their growth journey.

Furthermore, regulatory changes can pose challenges for Indian startups. As the country undergoes continuous regulatory evolution, startups may encounter increased compliance requirements and operational complexities. At Ivy Growth, we stay updated with regulatory developments and help startups navigate the changing landscape.

We provide insights and guidance on compliance matters, enabling startups to streamline their operations and meet regulatory obligations efficiently. By addressing these common challenges and providing tailored support, Ivy Growth strives to foster startup success in India. We empower founders with the knowledge, resources, and connections they need to overcome obstacles and thrive in the dynamic startup ecosystem.

TechGraph: As the Indian startup ecosystem continues to evolve, what trends or opportunities do you see emerging? How is Ivy Growth adapting to stay relevant in this dynamic environment?

Prateek Tosniwal: As the Indian startup ecosystem continues to evolve, we see tremendous potential in the Clean Tech and digital commerce sectors. At Ivy Growth, we recognized these trends early and have made strategic investments in several Clean Tech and digital commerce companies.

Clean Tech, with its focus on renewable energy, sustainability, and environmental impact, presents significant opportunities for startups to innovate and create positive change. We have invested in Clean Tech startups that are developing cutting-edge solutions in areas like clean energy generation, energy storage, and waste management. These startups not only contribute to a greener future but also have the potential for substantial growth and scalability.

Similarly, the digital commerce sector is experiencing rapid transformation, driven by the increasing adoption of e-commerce, mobile technology, and digital payments in India. By investing in Clean Tech and digital commerce startups, we aim to support and nurture ventures that align with our vision of sustainable growth and technological innovation. We believe that these sectors hold immense potential for startups to thrive and make a significant impact on the Indian economy.

Through our strategic investments and active involvement, we provide financial support, mentorship, guidance, and access to our network of partners and investors. This comprehensive approach helps our portfolio startups navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and accelerate their growth in the competitive landscape.

TechGraph: How does Ivy Growth collaborate with other stakeholders in the Indian startup ecosystem, such as investors, government bodies, or industry associations, to create a conducive environment for startups to thrive?

Prateek Tosniwal: At Ivy Growth, we recognize the importance of collaboration and building strong partnerships within the Indian startup ecosystem. We actively engage with various stakeholders, including investors, government bodies, and industry associations, to create a conducive environment for startups to thrive. Here’s how we collaborate with these stakeholders:

Investors: We work closely with angel investors, venture capital firms, and other investment entities to connect them with promising startups in our portfolio. Through our extensive network, we facilitate meaningful interactions and bridge the gap between investors and startups seeking funding. By nurturing these relationships, we ensure startups have access to capital and resources to fuel their growth.

Ecosystem Partners: We have established collaborations with more than 50 ecosystem partners, including notable names like eChai, CAClubIndia, TiE Surat, and DLC. These partnerships enable us to co-organize events, workshops, and pitch sessions that bring together startups, investors, and industry experts. By leveraging the expertise and resources of our ecosystem partners, we create platforms for startups to showcase their innovations, gain visibility, and access valuable mentorship and networking opportunities.

Through these collaborative efforts, we strive to create a vibrant ecosystem where startups can thrive and grow. By fostering strong relationships with investors, government bodies, industry associations, and ecosystem partners, we ensure that our portfolio startups have the necessary support, guidance, and exposure to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.

TechGraph: In your opinion, what are the key factors that differentiate successful startups from those that struggle to survive? How does Ivy Growth help startups develop these critical factors?

Prateek Tosniwal: In my opinion, the key factors that differentiate successful startups from those that struggle to survive are strategic planning, strong industry connections, and effective execution. At Ivy Growth, we understand the importance of these factors and actively work with startups to develop and enhance them.

One factor that sets successful startups apart is their ability to clearly articulate their value proposition and address a genuine market need. We help startups refine their value proposition by providing market research and strategic guidance. By understanding their target customers and the competitive landscape, we help them tailor their offerings to meet market demands.

Execution plays a crucial role in a startup’s success. We support startups in this area by offering operational expertise and access to our extensive industry networks. We help them build effective teams, optimize processes, and enhance execution capabilities. Our goal is to help startups deliver their products or services on time and to meet the expectations of their customers.

Lastly, access to capital is crucial for startups to fuel their growth. We leverage our extensive investor network to connect startups with the right funding opportunities. Whether it’s through introductions to venture capitalists, angel investors, or strategic partners, we assist startups in securing the necessary capital to fuel their growth ambitions.

By offering personalized guidance, tailored support, and access to our network of industry partners and investors, Ivy Growth aims to help startups develop these critical factors that contribute to their success. We are committed to fostering a conducive environment where startups can thrive and achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations.


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