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Apple’s gaming service Arcade arrives in iOS 13 public beta



New Delhi: Apple‘s subscription-based gaming service Arcade is available now in iOS 13 public beta — three days before its official launch on September 19, the media reported.

The family-focused service will let you play more than 100 exclusive games across iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac and Apple TV.

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“When Apple Arcade launches on the App Store on September 19, players around the world will start to get their hands on games that have been years in the making,” the company said in a statement late Monday.

There are games like “The Enchanted World” where players take on the role of a fairy who uses puzzles and challenges to piece back together her collapsing world.

For creators and friends Ivan Ramadan and Amar Zubcevic, both 33, the game is much more than that: It’s a metaphor for a child growing up in a time of war.

Both Ramadan and Zubcevic grew up in Sarajevo during the conflicts in the Balkans in the 1990s, and both had parents that used creativity to shield them from the violence and danger around them.

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Out of those childhood memories, “The Enchanted World” was born. The game, published in conjunction with developer Noodlecake, features the music and folklore of the Balkans.

In Borderleap’s “Patterned,” players colour intricate puzzle pieces and arrange them to complete a satisfying canvas.

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Nate Dicken, 43, the solo developer behind the outfit in Blacksburg, Virginia, created the game as a method of finding calm.

The varied patterns were sourced from 15 designers around the world — 14 of whom are women. Nate created “Patterned” exclusively for Apple Arcade.

“Overland” is a post-apocalyptic road trip adventure game from Finji, co-founded by Adam and Bekah Saltsman, 37 and 38, respectively.

The couple, who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with their two young sons, modeled “Overland” after a mishmash of their favourite classic board games, books and films.

Players drive west across a rapidly deteriorating United States, rescuing survivors, scavenging for supplies and occasionally inviting a stray dog along for the ride.

In “Card of Darkness,” players solve card-based challenges that feature hand-drawn characters with a sense of humour. Solo developer Zach Gage, 34, teamed up with legendary animator Pendleton Ward to bring this game to life.

The gaming service on the App Store will be available in over 150 countries with iOS 13 for Rs 99 per month and is being launched with a one-month free trial.

Apple Arcade gaming service will have games from developers like Konami, Capcom and Annapurna Interactive, and more.


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