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Interview: Viral Fission CEO Shreyas Hegde On Swift Adaptation To Evolving Youth Demands

Further, Viral Fission's CEO and Co-founder highlighted the value of a unified dashboard that keeps clients, community stakeholders, and team members in the loop while enabling swift adaptation to changing youth needs.

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In an interview with TechGraph, Shreyas Hegde, CEO & CO-Founder of Viral Fission discusses how the company is harnessing connectivity and agile processes to meet stakeholders’ dynamic needs.

Read the interview below:

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TechGraph: Can you tell us more about the vision and mission behind Viral Fission and how it aims to impact the youth community?

Shreyas Hegde: Viral Fission is born out of both my and my co-founder Rishab’s personal experience of going through the process of finding our first internships back in college. What started as helping students find their way into the corporate world is today one of India’s largest digitized youth community platforms which connects youth across the country to each other and creates synergies with brands too. The vision is to be a one-stop youth platform to cater to the ever-growing and changing needs of youth.

TechGraph: There are many other youth community platforms out there. What sets Viral Fission apart from its competitors, and how do you ensure it remains relevant and engaging for youth?

Shreyas Hegde: The network structure on which the community is built and managed is the most unique part of Viral Fission. The community is built on a 3 layer pyramid structure where the students, based on their journey and experience in the community, get elevated to becoming leaders and managers of the community.

This not only helps in effectively managing this large community but also makes the journey much more engaging and always keeps the community relevant as the members themselves become guiding forces. Viral Fission has effectively channelized this energy into its platform offerings.

TechGraph: How has Viral Fission adapted to the changing needs of the youth community during the pandemic?

Shreyas Hegde: Viral Fission is a company born and launched during the pandemic. As a solution, we were always built digitally as scale was something we always considered. The platform that both connects and hosts the community is available across Android, IOS, and the web.

The platform connects all of our stakeholders i.e., our clients, the community, and our team all on one dashboard. We were able to rapidly scale up by building the platform and processes around it. This helped us rapidly scale up. Being connected with the youth constantly helps us attend to their ever-changing needs in the fastest turnaround times.

TechGraph: Social media platforms have been criticized for their negative impact on young people’s mental health. How does Viral Fission prioritize the well-being of its users, and what measures are in place to ensure a safe and supportive online community?

Shreyas Hegde: Well, the community structure of Viral Fission gives all of its members the absolute freedom to choose their paths within the community and connect with like-minded individuals across the country and various niches as well. The holistic environment that the community offers along with opportunities across various domains makes it a safe space for youth.

TechGraph: How does the Viral Fission plan to proceed in the future?

Shreyas Hegde: We have products designed to further our objectives of becoming an all-encompassing youth platform. The upcoming offerings will span entertainment and communication. This will enable us to form further deeper relationships with and between communities across the Viral Fission Platform. The platform will also have offerings across various

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