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JEE Advanced 2023: Admission Possibilities for Students with Ranks Below 15,000 in IITs



In order to secure admission to prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) colleges for engineering courses after completing the twelfth grade, students need to pass the JEE examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

Based on their JEE Ranking 2023, students are allocated seats in their preferred IIT colleges. It has become increasingly challenging for students to achieve a good rank due to the rising number of test takers each year.

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However, there are still some IITs where students can secure admission even with a JEE rank of 15,000 or above. If you aspire to pursue admission to renowned IITs or NITs, this article is crucial for you. We will provide information on how you can secure admission to IITs even with a higher rank.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) colleges are government-run institutions that offer various engineering courses such as B.Tech, B.E, M.Tech, Computer Engineering, and other related disciplines to thousands of students every year.

Generally, students who achieve a rank of less than 15,000 in the JEE Advanced examination are eligible for admission to any IIT in the country. However, there are some IITs that admit students with ranks exceeding 15,000 as well. These institutions offer admissions for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

To secure admission to an IIT, students must pass the JEE and JEE Main examinations conducted by the National Testing Agency. After the results of the JEE examination are declared by the respective IITs, they release the cutoff ranks for admission on their official websites. If your rank falls within or above the cutoff ranks specified by the IITs, you can apply for admission there.

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In previous years, students with ranks around 15,000 have secured admission to IITs. These institutions offer a range of courses spanning across undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This year as well, the IITs will set their cutoff ranks based on the difficulty level of the examination, the number of applicants, and the scores obtained by the students. Therefore, you will need to wait for a while to see the cutoff ranks.

Here are some examples of IITs where students with ranks above 15,000 have secured admission in the past:

IIT Bhubaneswar: Students with ranks up to 15,033 were invited for admission in the Civil Engineering course, which offers combined B.Tech and M.Tech programs.

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IIT Dhanbad: For various engineering courses, students with ranks ranging from 15,061 to 15,145 were admitted.

IIT Tirupati: Mechanical Engineering seats were offered to students with a rank of 15,176, while students with a rank of 15,208 were admitted to the 4-year engineering course at IIT Jammu.

Apart from these, there are several other IITs where students with ranks above 15,000 have been admitted to various engineering courses. However, it is important to note that you will have to wait for the release of the JEE ranking list by the NTA in 2023 to determine the specific admission possibilities for the upcoming year.


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