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Startup Funding Landscape: IVY Growth Associates Rachit Poddar On India’s Thriving Startup Ecosystem & 21BY72 Event



Speaking to TechGraph, Rachit Poddar, Co-founder of IVY Growth Associates discussed the overview of how it is bridging the gap between startups and investors through personalized funding support, 21BY72 event, and expert mentorship, which is setting the stage for success in India’s dynamic startup ecosystem.

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TechGraph: Could you please provide an overview of IVY Growth and its role in India’s startup funding landscape?

Rachit Poddar: IVY Growth is a prominent player in India’s startup funding landscape, an angel network based in Surat. Our primary role is to bridge the gap between promising startups and investors by curating investment opportunities and facilitating funding. With a robust network of angel investors, we receive a high volume of deal flow. We carefully select startups to present to our investor network.

Our expertise lies in providing end-to-end support to startups, from helping them build pitch decks to connecting them with investors. We also assist startups in fundraising under the Startup India Scheme and guide startups in applying for government grants. IVY Growth’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and facilitating investment has positioned us as a key contributor to India’s thriving startup ecosystem.

TechGraph: Can you share with us some insights into IVY Growth’s approach to supporting startups and facilitating funding?

Rachit Poddar: At IVY Growth, our approach to supporting startups and facilitating funding is comprehensive and tailored to each startup’s specific needs. We offer a range of services to help startups. Firstly, we provide fundraising support, helping startups connect with potential investors from our extensive angel investor network. We also assist in pitch deck preparation, structuring deal terms, and facilitating introductions to investors.

Additionally, we guide startups in accessing government funding opportunities, including grants under the Startup India Scheme. Our team works closely with startups to understand their unique requirements and provide personalized guidance and mentorship. With our deep industry knowledge and experience, we help startups navigate the funding landscape and increase their chances of success. IVY Growth’s commitment to supporting startups is driven by our passion for entrepreneurship and belief in the transformative power of innovative ideas.

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TechGraph: Startup Summit 21BY72 is expected to witness the participation of 200 startups and 500 investors. How does IVY Growth plan to leverage this opportunity to foster connections between startups and investors?

Rachit Poddar: With three parallel activities, including the Exhibition, Panel Discussion, and Trailblazer Mine, IVY Growth aims to create a comprehensive and immersive experience for all participants. The exhibition segment will feature 84 startups showcasing their ideas and products, attracting over 10,000 attendees. This vibrant atmosphere will provide startups with a valuable opportunity to pitch their concepts, generate interest, and gather feedback from a diverse audience.

The Panel Discussion segment will be enriched by over 80 esteemed speakers. These speakers include notable names like Aman Gupta (co-founder of Boat), Ghazal Alagh (co-founder of Mamaearth), Sarthak Ahuja, Arjun Vaidya, and many more. These discussions will delve into critical topics, industry trends, and insights, providing valuable knowledge and inspiration to attendees.

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At the Trailblazer Mine pitching event, around 20 exceptional startups from across India will present their business ideas to a panel of over 70 VCs and angel networks. This focused pitching event aims to connect startups with potential investors and create meaningful investment opportunities. With 300-400 angel investors, the Trailblazer Mine offers an ideal platform for startups to showcase their potential and secure the necessary funding to fuel their growth.

Overall, the 21by72 event organized by IVY Growth aims to provide a holistic ecosystem for startups and investors, enabling networking, knowledge-sharing, and investment opportunities. The diverse range of activities, prominent speakers, and active participation of angel investors and venture capitalists make it a highly anticipated event in India’s startup landscape.

TechGraph: With the growing competition in the startup funding space in India, what unique strategies does IVY Growth employ to stand out and attract startups and investors?

Rachit Poddar: IVY Growth differentiates itself in the competitive startup funding space by fostering a collaborative environment and offering unique value propositions to startups and investors. While the industry may have some competition, we believe in building strong relationships and partnerships with our stakeholders.

One of our key strategies is creating a robust network of angel investors who actively look for investment opportunities.

We provide a platform where startups can showcase their potential and connect with these investors, facilitating the funding process. Additionally, we prioritize creating a supportive ecosystem for startups by offering guidance, mentorship, and assistance in various aspects of their journey.

We understand that startups require more than just financial support, so we focus on providing value-added services such as pitch deck development, deal structuring, and connections to prospective investors. This comprehensive approach sets us apart and helps us attract startups seeking funding, strategic guidance, and support.

Furthermore, we believe in the power of partnerships and collaborations within the startup ecosystem. By fostering relationships with other angel networks, venture capitalists, and industry experts, we can leverage our collective knowledge and resources to create more opportunities for startups and investors alike. Our approach aims to create a supportive and mutually beneficial platform that attracts startups and investors seeking a comprehensive and effective funding solution.

TechGraph: The second season of Startup Summit 21BY72 aims to bring together a large number of startups and investors. How does IVY Growth ensure that the event provides valuable networking and investment opportunities for all participants?

Rachit Poddar: At IVY Growth, we are committed to ensuring that Startup Summit 21BY72 delivers valuable networking and investment opportunities for all participants, including startups and investors. To achieve this, we employ several strategies:

Curated Exhibition: The event’s exhibition segment is carefully curated to showcase 84 promising startups. This ensures a diverse mix of startups from various industries and stages, creating opportunities for investors to explore different sectors and investment possibilities.

Panel Discussions: We organize panel discussions featuring renowned speakers and industry experts. These discussions cover relevant topics and trends in the startup ecosystem, providing valuable insights for both startups and investors. It creates an environment conducive to networking and knowledge sharing.

Trailblazer Mine: Our pitching event, Trailblazer Mine, connects startups with investors. With more than 70 VCs and angel networks participating, and an expected attendance of 300-400 angel investors, startups have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and products to a targeted audience actively seeking investment opportunities. This dedicated pitching session enhances the chances of securing investments and establishing valuable connections.

Networking Opportunities: We prioritize creating ample networking opportunities throughout the event. Whether it’s during exhibition breaks, panel discussions, or dedicated networking sessions, participants can engage in meaningful conversations. They can build relationships and explore potential collaborations. We also encourage one-to-one meetings between startups and investors to facilitate more in-depth discussions.

Follow-up Support: Our commitment to supporting startups and investors extends beyond the event itself. We provide post-event support, including follow-up introductions, deal structuring guidance, and assistance with the investment process. This ensures that the connections made during the event can translate into tangible outcomes and long-term partnerships.

IVY Growth takes the extra mile to curate a high-quality event, foster networking opportunities, and provide ongoing support to participants. We believe that by creating a conducive environment for meaningful interactions and facilitating valuable connections, Startup Summit 21BY72 can truly deliver valuable networking and investment opportunities for startups and investors alike.

TechGraph: How does 21BY72 contribute to the Indian startup ecosystem’s growth and development?

Rachit Poddar: 21BY72 is a game-changing event that significantly contributes to the Indian startup ecosystem’s growth and development. The event’s primary focus is to accelerate the economy, employment, and entrepreneurship. It has a specific emphasis on positioning Surat on the global startup map.

By bringing together a diverse mix of startups, investors, and industry experts, 21BY72 creates a vibrant environment for networking, collaboration, and investment opportunities. Startups gain valuable exposure to potential investors who seek innovative ideas to fund. The event also provides a platform for startups to showcase their products and services, attracting potential customers and partners.

Moreover, 21BY72 plays a crucial role in promoting entrepreneurship by featuring renowned speakers, panel discussions, and interactive sessions that inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs. The event offers valuable insights, mentorship, and guidance to individuals looking to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Additionally, international participation from the USA, Canada, and Dubai adds a global perspective to 21BY72. This global outlook opens doors for startups to access international markets, resources, and collaborations, positioning Surat as an attractive destination for multinational investors. Overall, 21BY72 is a transformative event that fosters connections, propels growth, and elevates the startup ecosystem in India, making it an invaluable platform for startups and investors alike.

TechGraph: How do you see IVY Growth’s role evolving in the future? Are there any specific sectors or types of startups you plan to focus on?

Rachit Poddar: IVY Growth’s role is poised to evolve significantly in the future. With the upcoming launch of our $15 million SEBI-registered AIF CAT 1 VC Fund, we aim to facilitate larger funding rounds for startups. This fund will enable us to provide substantial financial support to startups with high growth potential. This will enable them to scale their operations and achieve their ambitious goals.

In terms of sectors, IVY Growth adopts a sector-agnostic approach. We believe in disruptive ideas and invest in startups across various industries. Our focus is on identifying startups with innovative business models, unique value propositions, and strong growth prospects. By remaining open to startups from diverse sectors, we ensure flexibility to tap into opportunities across different industries.

As the startup ecosystem evolves, we will adapt and stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies. We strive to be a reliable and trusted partner for startups. We offer not just financial support but also mentorship, guidance, and valuable connections within our extensive network of investors, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs.

Our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, supporting startup growth, and driving economic development remains unwavering. IVY Growth will continue to play a vital role in nurturing and empowering startups, contributing to the overall growth and success of the Indian startup ecosystem.

In summary, IVY Growth’s future entails expanding our financial capabilities through the launch of the AIF CAT 1 VC Fund. It also entails maintaining a sector-agnostic investment approach and staying agile to adapt to startups’ evolving needs and the dynamic startup landscape.


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