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D2L Deepens Commitment to India with Investments in Learning Technology Expansion



D2L, a leading global learning technology company, has unveiled its long-term commitment to India with a series of strategic investments aimed at bolstering its operations and expanding its reach in the country.

The company’s plans include enhancing development and support capabilities, talent acquisition efforts, and the establishment of an Indian entity, along with the expansion of its in-country cloud solutions.

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The move comes as D2L aims to extend the reach of its flagship learning platform, Brightspace, across a wide range of educational institutions in India. Already recognized as one of the fastest-growing premium learning platforms globally, Brightspace is fully compliant with the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the National Education Policy (NEP), ensuring it meets Indian clients’ specific requirements.

Speaking about the expansion plan, Elliot Gowans, Senior Vice President, International of D2L, said, “We are thrilled to expand our mission of transforming the way the world learns. By investing more directly in on-the-ground operations, we are building on a solid foundation in the region. We aim to empower India’s learners, talented educators, and top companies with learning experiences that are mobile-friendly, personalized, and highly accessible.”

D2L’s decision to expand its local operational presence in India aims to address unique regional needs, expedite product development, and foster Brightspace adoption. With its responsive design and an array of advanced learning tools such as adaptive learning, assessments, artificial intelligence, quizzing, video, and audio elements, D2L believes Brightspace can significantly enhance the learning experience for millions of Indians.

“There are many organizations in India that have already chosen D2L Brightspace, and they are experiencing the transformative power of these platforms and products in the lives of learners. With features like excellent mobile accessibility, engaging content, and personalized learning paths, educators and students no longer need to compromise on their teaching and learning experiences, regardless of location or timing,” Rajesh Talpade, Senior Vice President of Product Management at D2L added.

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By collaborating with existing and future customers and partners, D2L aims to broaden access to high-quality learning opportunities for learners of all ages and abilities in India.

The company’s expanded presence in the country will create further growth prospects for the 40+ Indian organizations that have already embraced D2L’s award-winning technology.

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D2L’s increased investments in development, support operations, talent acquisition, and in-country cloud solutions demonstrate its strong commitment to the Indian education market.


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Krishna Mali
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