Facebook and Instagram to ban “Vaccine Hoaxes” ads from its platform


After taking action spreading of Fake News on the platform, the American social networking giant Facebook is now planning downgrade the Facebook pages and groups which are spreading misinformation on vaccines on its platform.

In a company’s blog post, Monika Bickert, VP for Global Policy Management for Facebook, wrote that “In an effort to reduce the sharing of misinformation on vaccines, We are planning to take the actions on the Facebook Pages and Groups which are actively active on promoting vaccine hoaxes that are identified by the WHO and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, US.”

“The pages or the account which found under promoting misinformation on vaccinations on the platform will downgrade form Facebook and Instagram and the search result related to that will not be shown in Newsfeed and on the recommendation. Facebook and Instagram will not allow the Page to run an advertisement for the same on their platform”, the company said.

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“Whereas, the recommended content on vaccinations that found spreading misleading information or wrong information would not be shown up in the Explore tab and on the Hashtag pages, and will also reject the ads promoting the same,” company added.

“If the account continues to run the same ads than the Facebook will disable their account from the platform.”

Talking more on the initiative, Bickert said, “the Facebook is partnering with World Health Organisation, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others to identify a verifiable vaccine hoax and take them down as well as to To provide the accurate information on the vaccinations and related topics for the same.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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