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Apple CEO Tim Cook supports stricter data privacy law, urges the US to do same.



When the European Union passes a data privacy law which was enacted in May, Tim Cook was convinced about the nature and benefits of the law, thus he called for the United States to take on such laws as well.

Technological Advances have led to the development of a ‘data industrial complex’ and Apple‘s CEO believes that our own information, personal or professional is being used against us in the form of a dangerous weapon by military efficiency.

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Privacy protection is an extremely crucial aspect of social media and technology. When private information of over hundreds of citizens was leaked online, there was a huge uproar and to prevent this from occurring again, some stricter laws must be reimbursed.

In Brussels, Tim wholly supported the GDPR (general data protection regulation) put forward by the European Union, repeatedly emphasizing on how urgent and crucial it is to give consumers more control
over their personal information that’s collected by tech companies.

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Apple has now sought to differentiate the iPhone producer’s approach to make it independent of revenue from ads based on user data and information.

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Following these new rules and approaches, Apple has now followed an ethical code of conduct to prevent any User information from being misused and to ensure complete protection of the user’s privacy.


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