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How technology is spearheading the educational revolution



The advent of COVID-19 has brought about breakthrough changes in the lives of people. Technology has been at the cusp, leading the way ahead for transition through these changes. Where workplaces adopted technology with alacrity for seamless functioning, the education system could not fall behind in the league and was agile enough to harness the benefits of this progressive shift. 

Had it not been for the digital transformation, conducting classes would have become a lost battle. It would have been impossible to teach students effectively. Especially amidst the disruption experienced due to the pandemic-imposed lockdown, virtual classes emerged as the most viable option. Education experts and teachers believe that this disruption revolutionised the education sector and geared up the process of adopting the much-needed changes that were in alignment with the modern world. It gave e-learning a phenomenal push that otherwise would have taken another decade to make its importance felt in the education system.

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Teaching before technological advancements was very monotonous, which laid great emphasis on rote learning that resulted in lack of  clarity on concepts. It was a very exhaustive method based on memorisation and repetition. This method of brick-and-mortar learning had no space for creative thinking and innovation. 

The technological revolution has ushered fundamental structural changes in the sector and has been integral in increasing the efficiency of the system. It has changed the teaching and learning experience for both teachers and students. It has given access to creative content, resources, and systems which helped the teaching fraternity in improving their instructions. The teachers now use video lessons, presentations, smart boards, online quizzes and games, and online worksheets to not only connect better with their students but also to make the learning process fun for them.

More learning opportunities are being created with the help of unlimited availability of online resources. This has made accessibility to resource material easy, which could be obtained anytime and anywhere. This also provides students with the necessary mental space and pace to learn things at their own comfort and speed. Consequently, this has a positive impact on the students’ ability to understand, remember, and retain concepts.

Additionally, the new age technologies help teachers with the data required to personalize their content to suit the varied speed and style of each student. Various online tools assist the teachers in improving their pedagogy, which helps students in understanding concepts better.

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Technology also comes with enhanced and better assessment methods, which reduces the unnecessary burden on the teachers. Online assessment tools save teachers the long hours which would have otherwise been spent in maintaining records of students manually. Now, teachers are able to channelise their energy into strategizing better teaching methods. 

The paradigm shift of education towards technologically oriented learning has increased learning productivity by reducing the unnecessary burdens on both teachers and students. Technology has the potential to spearhead learning and skill training that is in line with the real-world requirements.

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Rishabh Khanna
Rishabh Khanna
Rishabh Khanna is a Cognitive Scientist and Co-founder of Suraasa.

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