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Lords Mark ties up with Braithwaite & Co, and Hindustan Antibiotics to launch health ATMs



LordsMed, the global healthcare division of Lords Mark Industries, has forayed into the MedTech space with the launch of health ATMs under the brand name ‘Lords Sehat’. LordsMed has collaborated with the Ministry of Railways PSU Braithwaite & Co and Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd (HAL) to install the health kiosks in Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) across the country, an arrangement that can be expanded to railway hospitals soon.

To date, around 10 health ATMs have been installed at PHCs in Maharashtra and Private Clinics in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana as part of a pilot project. With an investment of Rs 25 crore LordsMed has earmarked the project.

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‘Lords Sehat’ ATMs are walk-in clinics equipped with touch-screen kiosks to facilitate timely and convenient integrated Point of Care (POC) diagnostic services to patients. The kiosks will help to get checkups done on vital parameters like blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), blood glucose, oxygen saturation, hemoglobin, etc.

The ‘Lords Sehat’ health kiosk offers an agglomeration of CE/FDA/Medical Grade devices and HIPPA compliant backend technology for enabling preventive health screenings in rural areas and making basic healthcare accessible for rural populations.

“The concept of ‘Lords Sehat’ has been woven around the ‘pay per actual’ (PPA) Model. According to this concept, Lordsmed will invest in the setting up, upkeep, and maintenance of the kiosks. Not only this, after a patient has got his health screening done at the kiosks, a health plan will be formulated for the patient based on his health score. If the score is bad, the patient can avail of consultation from a doctor of his own choice or consult a doctor which has been empaneled by LordsMed through video consultation. The ‘Lords Sehat’ health ATMs will also offer a suitable diet plan to the patients based on the diagnosis of their ailments, a copy of which they can take via a printout or in a PDF format. The copy of the report can be shown to doctors to devise a suitable treatment roadmap,” the statement said.

“The kiosks will also leverage the power of AI and ML to digitally track the health conditions and progress of a patient for which they will be required to share certain key data points at an interval of 15/30 days. Going beyond their stipulated mandate, the health ATMs will also dispense IVD test kits in rural areas during outbreaks of diseases like dengue and malaria and display test results onsite. If there is a resurgence of COVID-19 in rural areas, the kiosks will also provide rapid antigen tests with results displayed immediately,” it added.

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The health ATMs also become a single point of contact for patients in a rural areas with the government as it enables them to take the report from Lords Sehat and share it with the government for any healthcare scheme.

Speaking on the development, Sachidanand Upadhyay, Founder, of Lords Mark Industries said, “The launch of ‘Lords Sehat’ health ATMs will help patients in rural and semi-urban areas overcome crucial healthcare access barriers and avail better treatment outcomes. Through this initiative, we reiterate a strong commitment to mainstreaming advanced healthcare for poor populations through a seamless combination of communication and technology.”

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“Technology will play a key role in bridging the divide between patients and healthcare providers. We hope that LordsMed will create an advanced digital healthcare infrastructure aimed at providing quality health services to underprivileged communities,” Naitik Vyas, Head Pharma Division, Lords Med further added.


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