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Internovo Ventures Launches Indirow, a B2B2C lending platform



Internovo Ventures, a joint venture between Karan Desai‘s family office and Novostack has announced the launch of Indirow, a B2B2C loan origination platform.

With a comprehensive range of retail loan products and personalized services, Indirow aims to cater to the increasing demand for credit solutions in India.

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Through strategic partnerships and a unique monetization model, the platform offers businesses opportunities to leverage their client base and create new revenue streams.

Indirow boasts an extensive selection of credit solutions, including personal loans, home loans, business loans, loans against property, and gold loans, among others. By combining diverse product offerings with tailored services, Indirow aims to establish itself as the preferred digital credit solutions platform in India.

To achieve this goal, Internovo Ventures has joined forces with RULoans, a leading lending services business in India, distributing over Rs 3,000 crore of retail loans to more than 200 banks and NBFCs across the country each month.

By leveraging an integrated credit assessment system with a prominent credit bureau agency, Indirow provides customers with curated financing solutions. The platform evaluates customers’ credit profiles and recommends suitable solutions and financiers.

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In addition to serving end customers, Indirow caters to small and midsize businesses that provide non-lending-related services to a significant customer base. These businesses can partner with Indirow to offer credit solutions to their captive clientele through dedicated links, API integration, and co-branded arrangements facilitated by the platform.

Commenting on the launch, Karan Desai, Co-Founder of Internovo Ventures said, “With Indirow, we aim to revolutionize the traditional digital borrowing and lending model by presenting a futuristic, transparent, responsive, and efficient loan origination platform that safeguards customer interests while helping businesses monetize their client base. User-friendly onboarding is the foundation of a strong customer relationship, and we have made it possible through our strategic technology stacks and network collaborations.”

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“By prioritizing customer needs, we have implemented initiatives like customer-led scrubbing of consumer data on the credit bureau, ensuring that credit scores remain unaffected, and customers can make informed borrowing decisions. We are committed to making Indirow a robust, differentiated, and trusted customer acquisition platform for businesses. Our initial target is to disburse over Rs 100 crore through Indirow in FY24,” Akshay Srivastava, Co-Founder and Head of Technologies further added.


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