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Apple signs a multi-year deal with A24 to produce original shows for it users



According to the CNBC reports, “American technology giant Apple Inc has partnered with the A24 entertainment company to produce films for the company.”

The terms of the deal are not yet disclosed by both companies but, the sources familiar with this told CNBC that “Apple has signed a multi-year agreement with Oscar-winning company A24 where it will create an original show for Apple users.”

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The deal has come at the time when Apple is planning to lead the video market with original shows by providing free movies and TV shows to its users to build consumer loyalty in the company.

A24 is an entertainment company which produced several Academy Award-winning films including “Room,” “Amy,” “Lady Bird,” and “Moonlight”.

Apple is also partnered with other individuals and companies to produce the content for its upcoming Apple shows which includes Oprah, Sesame Workshop and a reboot of “Amazing Stories” which will be produced by Steven Spielberg and Bryan Fuller.ts


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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