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Almonds Ai expects Rs 100 Cr in revenue for FY24-25



Almonds Ai, concluded its fiscal year with an impressive Q4, adding a staggering ten new clients to its burgeoning portfolio and expecting to generate revenue of around 100 crores during FY 24-25.

The company, renowned for its innovative B2B loyalty and channel partner engagement solutions, continues to set the benchmark for distribution-led revenue growth.

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These new clients span a range of industries and represent companies of all sizes, from consumer electronics and telecommunications to manufacturing and professional services. By leveraging its award-winning solutions, Channelverse ecosystem, businesses of all sizes can supercharge their channel engagement, driving unprecedented growth and success in their respective industries.

“We are always striving for growth, but what’s most gratifying is that we are now tackling some of the most complex channel challenges head-on, The years of investment we’ve put into channel management technology are bearing fruit for our clients, as the once elusive goal of ‘real-time visibility’ of execution is now a reality. Our progress in Q4 energizes us, but we know the best is yet to come,” Abhinav Jain & Apurv Modi, Co-Founders of Almonds Ai, jointly said.

Almonds Ai’s Channelverse ecosystem offers a comprehensive suite of tools enabling businesses to engage their channel partners effectively. From personalized rewards and incentives to interactive learning platforms and virtual events, Channelverse provides a seamless experience that fosters strong relationships between businesses and their partners. Its rewards catalog offers a wide range of products to choose from, including gift cards, UPI and E-wallet transfers, physical products, and experiences such as dining, travel, and health & fitness packages.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder & Group Editor of TechGraph.

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