Snapdeal’s private cloud Cirrus pays big dividends

Snapdeal’s private cloud "Cirrus" has become an important part of Snapdeal’s fast and cost-efficient growth over the last few years. Launched in September 2016, Snapdeal’s Cirrus has the capability to handle nearly 11 Billion page views per month. The powerful server architecture enables Snapdeal to offer a personalized feed to each and every user. Using advanced data science and AI, each user gets a feed of

Blu Smart raises $6.6 million from Mumbai Angels, Venture Catalyst, and others

Delhi-based e-taxi startup Blu Smart has raised $6.8 million (approx Rs 51 crore) in pre-series A round funding from Mumbai Angels and others. The new round of funding led by Mumbai Angels Networks also saw the participation of Inflection Point Ventures, Venture Catalyst, Survam Partners, Chattisgarh Investment Ltd, JITO Angel, Lets Venture, and Kaplavriksh Trust. In a statement issued, BluSmart said, "The

Interview: U GRO Capital MD Shachindra Nath says, “GDP of -23.9% should be looked at objectively and precise steps to be taken to…

In an interview with TechGraph, Shachindra Nath – Executive Chairman and Managing Director of U GRO Capital, said: “Negative growth of 23.9% of GDP for the June 2020 quarter should be looked at objectively and very well thought out, measured, and precise steps that need to be taken to create demand.” Here’s an excerpt: TechGraph: U GRO Capital recently launched digital products for the customer. Can we know

Bajaj Finserv, Shinhan Bank partners with Kwik.ID for Video KYC service

India-based video KYC solution Kwik.ID has announced its partnership with Bajaj Finserv and Shinhan Bank to provide video-based KYC solutions to the banks. In a statement issued, Kwik.ID said, "It has partnered with Bajaj Finserv and Shinhan Bank as part of their significant growth trajectory in Q2. Kwik.ID’s solutions and impressive KYC completion rate of 85% will enable these financial services providers with

Kuvera partners with Vested Finance to offer Indian investors to invest in the US Stock market

Mumbai-based online investment advisor Kuvera has announced its partnership with California-based investment platform Vested Finance to allow Indian investors to invest directly in U.S. stocks such as Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Google, and others. Speaking on the partnership, Gaurav Rastogi, Founder & CEO, Kuvera, said, “International markets do offer a lot of benefits, and a 10 – 20% allocation to them will


Online stationery store Inchpaper launches its home delivery service for stationery items

Amid the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, an eCommerce start-up Inchpaper in stationery items space has launched its operation of delivering stationery items at the doorsteps in over 50 cities and towns across India. Inchpaper aims to provide a full range of stationery items starting from an eraser to various teaching-learning material for school, colleges, students, and parents, along with catering to the needs of

Trukky raises funding from Mumbai Angels

Gurgaon-based On-demand transport solutions provider, Trukky has raised an undisclosed amount from Mumbai Angels Network. Founded by Subhasish Das and Saswat Sahu, Trukky is a Logistics aggregator offering on-demand transportation solutions to cater to goods movement in both full and part load segments. The startup has also developed a cargo intelligence engine that predicts the cargo type based on volume, mass,

ICICI Bank to use satellite data for credit assessment of farmers

India leading private bank, ICICI Bank on Tuesday said, "It will use satellite data - imagery from Earth observation satellites, to access credit-worthiness of its customers belonging to the farm sector." In a statement issued, ICICI said, "The use of satellite data provides a quick and technically sound analysis of the land, crop and irrigation patterns from remote locations, without the need of the customer or

Unicommerce E-commerce Trends Report: E-commerce locks 17% growth during post-COVID-19, GMV up at 23% with an average order size of Rs 1,000

Unicommerce, India‘s leading e-commerce-focused SaaS platform, today released an impact report on the e-commerce industry, which throws light on the performance across verticals and key trends shaping the sector. The report extensively covers trends related to e-commerce growth, region-wise consumer demand, return orders, and D2C trends and how it affects the industry in the post-COVID-19 world. The report

Snapdeal records 300% spike in the sale of Pulse Oximeter and on other health monitoring devices

The pandemic has prompted the rapid increase in the use of at-home diagnostic medical devices as many continue to fear going to diagnostic centers for medical tests. The growth could also be a result of the awareness about early diagnosis and preventive care. The overall sales in the at-home diagnostic kits category for April - July this year is more than double the sales in the corresponding period last year on