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Realistic AI in Modern PR Era: An Interview with PR Expert Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair



In this interview, Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair, a seasoned PR consultant, spoke about the balance between human expertise and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in Public Relations (PR) consulting and why a proactive stance on AI ethics and crisis response is a must for modern PR consultants.

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TechGraph: How has the rise of AI impacted the marketing field, and what are some key opportunities and challenges PR consultants are facing in this new era?

Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair: The rise of AI has transformed marketing by enabling more data-driven insights and automation for repetitive tasks. Key opportunities for PR consultants include leveraging AI for personalized communications, predictive analytics, and efficiency gains through automated content creation. However, they face challenges around transparency in using AI tools, mitigating biases, and maintaining quality control over AI-generated content. Consultants must help clients navigate these issues.

TechGraph: As AI technologies become more prevalent, how can PR consultants effectively leverage these technologies to enhance marketing strategies and campaigns?

Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair: PR consultants can utilize AI for various applications, including sentiment analysis to identify trends and predict crises; hyper-targeted messaging through analysis of big data; dynamic content creation tailored to different audiences; chatbots and virtual assistants to engage customers; and monitoring news/social media to respond rapidly. The key is determining ethically sound applications that align with brand strategy.

TechGraph: What are some ethical considerations PR consultants should keep in mind when incorporating AI into marketing efforts? How can they ensure transparency and maintain public trust?

Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair: Ethical use of data, eliminating biases, and transparency are crucial. Consultants should advise clients to: secure informed consent for data collection/use; be transparent about the use of AI; audit algorithms for bias; implement ethics review processes; and enable human oversight over AI systems. Maintaining public trust requires responsible AI practices.

TechGraph: In the era of AI, personalization and data-driven marketing have gained significant importance. How can PR consultants strike a balance between utilizing AI technologies for targeted messaging while respecting privacy and avoiding potential pitfalls?

Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair: Consultants must help clients personalize communications without compromising privacy or crossing ethical lines. Recommendations include: securing opt-in consent; collecting only essential data; anonymizing data; customizing at a segment vs individual level; providing transparency and user control; and refreshing consent periodically.

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TechGraph: AI can provide valuable insights through data analysis, but it can also present biases and inaccuracies. How can PR consultants ensure AI-driven marketing strategies are fair, inclusive, and unbiased?

Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair: To mitigate risks of bias, consultants should advise clients to: test AI models extensively for biases; use diverse and unbiased data sets for training; implement bias testing audits; ensure diversity on AI development teams; continuously monitor AI performance; and empower human oversight procedures.

Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair: Consultants can leverage AI crisis monitoring tools to identify problems faster, but should also prepare crisis plans addressing risks specific to AI, like algorithmic biases or errors causing backlash. Having diverse staff oversee AI can help spot potential issues. Being ready to intervene quickly is key.

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TechGraph: With AI’s rapid evolution, misinformation, and fake news have become significant challenges. How can PR consultants leverage AI tools and strategies to combat misinformation and maintain brand reputation?

Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair: AI-powered monitoring tools can identify misinformation about brands rapidly. Consultants can advise building online inoculation strategies – educating the public to spot false information. They should also guide proactive messaging to shape narratives and respond quickly to false news with facts.

TechGraph: As AI becomes more capable of generating content, such as articles or social media posts, what role do PR consultants play in ensuring the authenticity and credibility of AI-generated content?

Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair: While AI can draft content, consultants need to supervise closely to ensure quality control, on-brand messaging, and authenticity. Human judgment is irreplaceable. Consultants should provide oversight, strategic direction, and nuanced human communication skills to refine AI output into credible, relatable content.

TechGraph: How can PR consultants help organizations adapt to the changing landscape of marketing and crisis management in the era of AI? What skills and knowledge are essential for PR professionals to stay relevant in this evolving field?

Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair: PR consultants should counsel clients on AI’s opportunities and risks. They need to develop personal competency in AI technologies, data science, ethics, and technology trends to provide sound guidance. Honing strategy and critical thinking skills to leverage AI appropriately will be vital. An adaptable, learning mindset is crucial.

Sukanti Krishnapriya Nair: I foresee hyper-personalization and automation becoming bigger trends powered by improving AI. However, human creativity, empathy, and judgment will remain essential. To prepare, consultants should continuously build AI literacy, stress ethics in its application, and focus on the uniquely human skills PR cannot be replaced by technology. With vigilant guidance, AI can enhance PR strategy.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder, CEO & Group Editor of TechGraph.

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