Mindtree and IIT Madras Collaboration: A Step further in Data Science and AI World


In order to accommodate the growing demand for Data Science and AI, Mindtree – a leading digital transformation organization – has teamed up with IIT Madras to set up a dedicated Faculty Fellow position in the aforementioned discipline. This partnership is going to help IIT Madras, which is at the vanguard of digital technology, to brainstorm solutions that speed up Data Science and AI adoption in the tech world.

While organizations across verticals are striving to keep up with the rapidly changing technology world, this endowment will allow Mindtree to enhance the learning and innovation curve in these fields.

In the grand scheme of events, Mindtree will indulge in research projects – guided and orchestrated by IIT Madras – that encircles topics such as personalization, conversational, interfaces, and natural language generation. All in all, the Mindtree and IIT Madras collaboration is bound to yield some fantastic results in the field of Data Science and AI.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder & Editor of TechGraph

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