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How tech startups are offering IT graduates & tech engineers a platform to innovate and grow as professionals?



Most, if not all, young IT professionals dream of joining large multinational tech companies once they are out of college. The remuneration package is often impressive and there are other benefits that come along with money which lures young minds towards bigger organizations. While it’s true that there are several pros to working in MNCs and big tech organizations, working in a startup environment is an equally exciting and rewarding experience.

With around 60,000 startups, India has the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. Tech startups are mushrooming in the country, thus offering a brilliant opportunity for IT graduates and young talents to learn, innovate and mark the beginning of an exciting phase in their career. 

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Listed below are a few ways tech startups have proven to be a huge platform for young professionals to innovate and acquire new skills. 

An opportunity to learn from the innovators themselves:

A fresher hired by a bigger organization joins at the junior level and hardly gets a chance to benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of the senior management, let alone founders and CEOs as there are several hierarchies present in a bigger organization. There is no way juniors can learn directly from innovators who lead the company. On the other hand, startups have flat hierarchies where there are less barriers between junior and senior level positions. Most startups have their employees directly reporting to the CEOs or Founders, providing a wonderful opportunity to learn from the leaders themselves.

Become an integral part of the product development cycle:

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When you join an MNC, you are probably a part of a huge team working on different aspects of the same project. You will be often working only on small modules where you don’t really get to become a part of the bigger picture. On the contrary, in a startup, employees get to be a part of the entire product development cycle. Joining a startup helps one get acquainted with the whole process of software development and make significant contributions rather than being confined to smaller, simpler tasks where there is limited scope to understand the deeper nuances of the product development process. 

Greater innovation and knowledge of latest trends:

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IT graduates joining startups have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies and tools in trend. Startups are known to bring new innovations as innovation is undoubtedly the key to their survival. They are quick to adopt new tools that provide employees with a unique opportunity to stay updated on the latest trends. Do MNCs not invest in new tools? They do but the implementation is often delayed as it involves lengthy approval processes with several stakeholders involved in the decision making process. A startup usually has a smaller team which means quick decisions and greater flexibility are the main advantages to working in a startup.

Pushes employees to become more versatile:

Learning and acquiring new skills is crucial for progress, especially with the fierce competition in the tech industry. As you join a tech startup, you will more likely get an opportunity to explore several areas outside of your job description. You will learn to juggle tasks, don multiple roles and enhance your skills which is critical to be deemed an invaluable asset for the organization. Plus, broadening your skill set would strengthen your resume and help command a higher salary package in future. 

Gain industry knowledge and learn entrepreneurial values:

By having direct access to senior management, you gain first-hand experience on how a startup functions and develop entrepreneurial skills over time which is near to impossible in a hierarchical environment. The tech industry as a whole is fast evolving and you earn a chance to get a closer view of the industry by being amongst real entrepreneurs. 

Opens doors to networking opportunities:

When working in a startup environment, you can take your ideas to the top management, gain recognition and see a visible impact of your contribution in the organization. Young professionals with potential will get to be a part of trade shows, events and business meetings hosted by the company where they meet and interact with other accomplished industry professionals. A startup essentially looks at a person’s skills and is open to offer opportunities for young talented minds. Your work gets noticed and you easily raise your profile within professional circles through networking.

These are just a few of the many ways tech startups have become lucrative destinations for IT graduates and engineers to advance their career. You will be surrounded by passionate team members, you learn to adapt and become more creative and innovative. There is less scope for developing new skills in bigger organizations owing to their rigid job structure. At a startup you have a company relying on you and your efforts aren’t insignificant amidst a sea of more important job titles and responsibilities which is the case in most big companies when you join as a fresher. 


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