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How is Fintech Industry utilizing AI to its best



Fintech is always constantly focused on developing better financial services for customers. The fintech industry prioritizes convenience, increased security, innovations, automating monotonous procedures, customer-friendly financial services, flexibility, and simplicity for access.

Financial technology will never be able to replace human intelligence, but it may certainly enhance it with Artificial Intelligence. AI in FinTech has witnessed some significant advancements in recent years.

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As a result, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly changing the way the industry operates. From enhancing security to intelligent decision-making and implementing AI-Powered Chatbots, artificial intelligence can achieve it all.

Visual AI globally has been revolutionizing the Fintech Industry with its technology. They are developing technologies to enhance security, business intelligence, and customer experience with its patented algorithm – Gryphos. Gryphos can make any camera network intelligent by detecting and verifying body behavior, objects, face, sentiments, text, etc. within a video (live or recorded) or still image.

How can the Fintech Industry be enhanced with AI?

Financial cybercrimes are increasing as digital transformation processes are taking over the planet. The silver lining is that AI is also transforming and upgrading day by day. Through the technology to upgrade the conventional method of financial transaction model. It improves the security, overall experience, usability, and convenience of all financial transactions.

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The proprietary Visual Artificial Intelligence technology will use Multi-Layered Authentication as a crucial and additional layer of security for all financial transactions. Multi-Layered Authentication will be used to verify the account holder through the in-built cameras in real-time through the patented Visual AI algorithm.

Similarly, AI technology can be used for digitizing physical forms, cheques, or any similar documents as well as for Intelligent Decision making, AI-Powered Chatbots, AI-Powered Financial Assistants, and Predictive Analysis to enhance security, accuracy, efficiency, and experience.

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