TypingDNA closes $7 million in series A round funding from Gradient Ventures, GapMinder, Techstars Ventures, and others


A New York-based behavioral biometrics company, TypingDNA has raised $7 million in series A round funding from Gradient Ventures, Google AI-focused venture funds, and few others.

The new round funding led by Gradient Ventures, a Google AI-focused venture fund has also sawed the participation of GapMinder, TechStars Ventures, including its existing investors.

TypinDNA, which uses the artificial intelligence algorithms to authenticate users based on how they type, “Will use the new round funding for expanding its developer support network and to offer more tools to integrate their API with existing website development platforms.”

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Speaking on the fundraise, Raul Popa, CEO, and Co-founder, TypingDNA said “Advancing the research and distribution of typing biometrics is of global importance. Keywords are incorporated in almost any device today, making typing behavior the most widely available user biometric. The funding will allow us to further our mission.”

TypingDNA uses a simple process of watching users keystrokes to recognize further attempts from a specific user by matching them against their known account, will enable the existing applications such as authentication, fraud detection, password recovery, and online education assessment to fingerprint users more securely than traditional forms of two-factor authentication.

After the investment in TypingDNA, Darian Shirazi, General Partner at Gradient Ventures, in its statement said, “We’re excited about TypingDNA’s developer-first approach to enable people to authenticate securely based on how they type.”

Further adding to the statement he said, “With global regulation impacting face-recognition-based authentication and hackers targeting SMS-based two-factor authentication, typing biometrics is the best form of identifying people without compromising privacy or security.”


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