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Petcare startup Sploot draws $500K from Info Edge



Delhi-based petcare startup, Sploot has raised $500K as part of its seed funding round led by Info Edge (India) backed Redstart Labs.

The company will use the funds to nurture a close-knit community of pet parents, create educational content with experts on the sploot app, and pilot revenue-generating streams like dog walking and affordable fresh food.

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sploot is a community-led platform for better pet parenting to create happier and healthier lives for pets by empowering pet parents with the right knowledge, support system, and access to products and services. Currently, sploot is a community of 30K members on its app and over 26k followers on Instagram.

Speaking on the funding round, Garima, Co-Founder of sploot said, “The idea for sploot came from seeing generations of pet parents learn by making the same mistakes over and over again with their pets. We want to harness this collective learning by helping pet parents learn from each other – and experts in the space. We believe that education about pet parenting is the first step towards influencing purchase decisions.”

Commenting on the investment, Vibhore Sharma, Partner, Redstart Labs said, “Various studies value India’s pet care market at over $500 million, and is likely to grow multifold at 20% annually. Along with this growth comes an increase in demand for pet care products, services, and experts. sploot’s first-in-the-industry pet care community is bound to create a super-platform for pet parents to get everything they need in one place.”

sploot has previously been a part of Blume Ventures’ Lead Tribe, which is a learning and networking program for early-stage women entrepreneurs and is also a part of Google’s Appscale Academy, a platform that mentors new-gen tech entrepreneurs and helps them grow into successful global businesses.

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