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Nexus VP leads $2 Mn seed funding round for workplace productivity startup Aerotime



San Francisco-based workplace productivity platform, Aerotime has raised $2 Million in series seed round funding led by Nexus Venture Partner, in participation from Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital India, and Soma Capital.

The round also saw involvement from a clutch of angel investors including Akshay Kothari (COO, Notion), Nir Eyal (NYTimes Bestselling author of Hooked & Indistractable), and Damien Coullon (VP Product, LinkedIn).

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“With the funds raised, Aerotime has growth plans to target mid to large-sized companies where this problem is most apparent,” the statement said.

Aerotime is a calendar that solves productivity losses due to fragmented meetings and constant workplace distractions, without changing anything in the user’s workflow.

Aerotime maximizes uninterrupted free time for deep work for the whole team by recommending perfect time slots for new as well as existing meetings. More than 20 parameters go into these recommendations like preferred focus times, past meeting schedules, per-user time fragmentation, etc.

It also stops distractions with focus music and a Slack integration that snoozes notifications while updating your status when you’re focusing. The product is live across 70 teams from different companies and is now coming out of private beta.

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Speaking on the development, Piyush Narwani, Co-founder of Aerotime, said, “Time is one of the most valuable assets we have, yet we waste it without realizing it. Prioritization and context switching are two of the biggest reasons for this. Aerotime helps you be intentional about the time and automates many workflows to save time. Our vision is to help humans live life in a flow state – together, let’s be effective and not busy.”

Commenting on the investment in the workplace management platform, Sameer Brij Verma, Managing Director, Nexus Venture Partners, said, “At Nexus, are super excited to partner with the Aerotime team to help build an industry-leading solution allowing people to radically streamline meetings, prioritize tasks and take back control of their most valuable resource – time. There have been lots of point calendaring solutions in the market but none have been able to get users into a flow state. A state that will lead to decluttering their lives and exponentially increase their productivity.”

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