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IKEA is working on future ready Autonomous Cars



While the buzz around self-driven vehicles is gaining traction, retail giant IKEA is brainstorming future-ready cars that work as hotels, stores, and meeting rooms. The firm has released a few designs of its “future living lab”, SPACE10 which is based in Copenhagen.

Some of the concepts are almost practical whereas others still need better understanding. Nevertheless, the designs presented have sparked a new wave of conversation encircling autonomous vehicles and their potential to transform workday lives.

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SPACE10 “future living lab” comes in a lot of variants such as SPACE10 Office on Wheels, SPACE10 Cafe, SPACE10 Mobile Vegetable Vendor, and many others.

Despite being in the formative stage, IKEA’s “future living lab” is making headlines. It is now to be seen how soon the firm can materialize the futuristic project.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder & Group Editor of TechGraph.

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