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How Tech is Being Used to Improve Our Health



Technology has advanced exponentially over the past decade or so. With the rise in smartphones and app technology, pretty much everyone has a vast array of knowledge at their fingertips.

It makes sense that a lot of these technological advances have been made in the health sphere too. That means we have all the tools available to us to make us healthier than ever.

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Using the internet has definitely improved our health awareness. We know more than before about what constitutes a bad and good diet, for example. We have instant access to symptom checkers, which can help us make more informed decisions on our health issues.

We can find help and advice on myriad problems, such as stress, and how to reduce it. For those of us who use the internet in this way, it can help us reduce our consumption of bad things and do a lot of the things that suit our individual healthcare needs.

Better Communication with Healthcare Professionals

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The online sphere allows for more data to be readily accessed. It means that healthcare professionals can make better-informed decisions even when the patient we are not present.

The sharing of data between labs, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc., means that a patient’s records are more complete allowing for better diagnosis, and improving the doctor, patient relationship. Personalized aid is therefore becoming a more realized concept, as Brad Schaeffer of MedComp can demonstrate.

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Communication is not only improved, but it is quicker. We no longer have to visit a doctor. We can talk to a healthcare provider online or a chatbot that has all the required knowledge available to diagnose us or refer us for deeper analysis. This saves you from having to wait around for an appointment and get on with your day.

Motivational Aid

Who doesn’t need a little more motivation when it comes to getting fit? Going to the gym is not so easy when you’re tired and feel as if your efforts are going nowhere. Well, the technological age has provided us with a whole range of fitness apps, gadgets, and devices, all designed to motivate and inspire us to become fitter.

These things help you track your progress, give you goals, minotaur your heart rate, stress levels, etc. A device that shows you how much faster or stronger you are now can work a lot better than looking in the mirror, as it usually takes a lot more time to see the results. Additionally, there is a whole online community of people in the same boat. Reading the personal stories of people just like you can be better than any app.

Virtual Reality

Virtual technology is slowly becoming a bigger player in healthcare. Virtual reality can help people with severe pain, such as burns victims, become distracted from their pain which enables them to recover faster. VR is also being used in gyms to help people become fitter and stronger. There are a vast range of potential applications for VR in the healthcare arena. This is only the beginning.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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