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Interview: Yes Madam Co-founder Mayank Arya On Customer-centric Approach to Home Salon Services in India

Yes Madam aims for rapid expansion across India, planning to train over 3000 professionals to meet rising demand and introduce new beauty and wellness offerings.



In an interview with TechGraph, Mayank Arya, Co-founder of Yes Madam spoke about the company’s holistic approach to home-based beauty salons, and how it is diversifying its services to cater to a wide range of customer needs to deliver a comprehensive beauty experience in India.

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TechGraph: Can you explain how the on-demand booking process works for Yes Madam’s home salon services? How does the company ensure customer safety and hygiene during the pandemic?

Mayank Arya: Yes Madam is an on-demand home salon service provider that offers convenient and professional beauty services to customers in the comfort of their homes. The booking process is simple and user-friendly.

Customers can download the Yes Madam app or visit their website to book a salon service. They can select the desired service, date, time, and location for the appointment. Once the booking is confirmed, Yes Madam’s platform assigns a trained and verified beauty professional to the customer’s appointment based on availability and proximity.

The assigned beauty professional arrives at the customer’s location equipped with the necessary tools and products and provides the requested beauty service, such as facials, manicures, pedicures, spas, etc., following industry best practices. After the service is completed, customers can pay through various options provided by Yes Madam. They can also provide feedback and rate the beauty professional’s service.

During the pandemic, Yes Madam took several measures to ensure customer safety and hygiene. The brand implemented strict safety protocols and guidelines for beauty professionals, including mandatory mask-wearing, frequent hand sanitization, and regular health checks.

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Beauty professionals sanitize their tools and equipment before and after each appointment to maintain hygiene standards. The Beauty professionals are provided with protective equipment such as gloves, disposable aprons, face shields, and sanitizers to further enhance safety precautions.

They even have to check temperatures regularly to identify any potential illness symptoms. Yes Madam also encourages contactless interactions wherever possible, including digital payments and minimizing physical contact during the service.

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More importantly, beauty professionals communicate with customers to emphasize safety measures and encourage customers to follow safety guidelines during the service.

TechGraph: What sets Yes Madam apart from other home salon service providers in the market?

Mayank Arya: Yes Madam sets itself apart from other home salon service providers through several distinguishing factors:

Convenience and Flexibility: Yes Madam offers on-demand salon services, allowing customers to book appointments at their preferred time and location. This flexibility makes it convenient for customers to receive professional beauty services at home. Not just that, we also provide customers with the convenience to book the last service professional. This is to have a better service experience and establish a rapport with the service expert.

Trained and Verified Professionals: Yes Madam ensures that all its beauty professionals are trained, skilled, and verified. They go through a rigorous selection process, including background checks, to maintain quality service standards.

Transparent Pricing: Yes Madam follows transparent pricing policies, with no hidden costs. Customers can view services & product pricing upfront and make informed decisions.

Allows customers to use their products: One of the key differentiation factors is the ease for the customer to use his/her product if they already have one at home. You may simply uncheck the product cost and only request the specific service by calling Yes Madam.

User-Friendly Technology: Yes Madam provides a user-friendly app and website, making it easy for customers to book appointments, select services, and make payments. The intuitive interface enhances the overall customer experience.

Empowerment: One of the key factors that make Yes Madam different from other providers in the segment is women’s empowerment. Yes Madam has trained more than 2000 service providers to become independent breadwinners for their families. We also incur time & resources in the upskilling of these service providers to train them with the new trends and services in the market. This increases their opportunities to earn more.

TechGraph: How do you ensure customer satisfaction and maintain quality standards for your services?

Mayank Arya: Yes Madam places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and maintaining quality standards for its services through various measures. Firstly, all beauty professionals undergo rigorous training and verification processes to ensure they are skilled and qualified. Regular quality assurance checks are conducted, including on-the-job evaluations and customer feedback analysis, to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement.

Customer feedback and ratings are actively encouraged and carefully reviewed to address any concerns promptly. Continuous training and development programs keep beauty professionals updated with the latest trends and techniques. Transparent pricing and detailed service information allow customers to make informed decisions. In the event of any issues, a dedicated customer support team ensures prompt issue resolution.

Yes Madam also prioritizes hygiene and safety by following strict protocols and maintaining a clean and safe environment. That’s why we ensure that the products applied to a customer’s skin come in mono-dosage which ensures one product on one customer. Along with that, every service that a service professional performs or a customer takes comes with a fresh disposable kit curated specifically according to the services like Spa, Salon & Intimate services.

TechGraph: Can you talk about your growth strategy for the next few years, and what are your plans to expand your services?

Mayank Arya: Yes Madam is driven by ambitious expansion plans in India, aiming to extend its reach to numerous cities across the country in the coming years. To keep pace with the rising demand for their services, Yes Madam has set a target of training over 3000 professionals.

This strategic approach not only helps them meet increasing demand but also ensures that customers in various locations can benefit from their top-quality services.

Furthermore, Yes Madam is dedicated to enhancing its service portfolio by introducing new offerings in the beauty and wellness segment. By diversifying its services, the brand aims to cater to a wide range of customer needs, providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

TechGraph: How does Yes Madam recruit and train its beauty professionals, and what steps do you take to ensure their safety and well-being while working on-site?

Mayank Arya: Yes Madam recruits beauty professionals through interviews, skill assessments, and background checks to ensure they are qualified and reliable. Once selected, the professionals undergo a 15-day training program to enhance their skills and stay updated with industry trends.

Yes Madam prioritizes beauty professionals’ safety by providing safety gear such as masks and gloves. They also offer insurance to cover health expenses for professionals and their families. Hygiene protocols are maintained, including proper sanitization practices for tools and equipment. Safety guidelines and an SOS button are provided to professionals in an emergency, ensuring their well-being while working on-site.


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