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Inside TrendyTech’s In-Demand Big Data Courses: An Interview with Sumit Mittal



Speaking to TechGraph, Sumit Mittal Founder and CEO of TrendyTech, spoke about the rising demand for skilled Data Engineers & Data Scientists in India, and how Trendytech is addressing this demand through industry-tailored Big data courses and other programs such as ‘The Ultimate Big Data Cloud Focused Master’s Program’ and ‘Azure Data Engineering Program,’ including others.

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TechGraph: Can you provide an overview of the current landscape of big data courses in India and how it has evolved over the years?

Sumit Mittal: The landscape of Big Data courses has evolved rapidly over the last few years in India where students and working professionals have started looking for courses that are industry-oriented, tailored programs covering more of a practical approach including live projects. Students are looking out for Big Data programs that are cloud-focused as the technology stack is shifting towards the same.

TechGraph: What are the key factors driving the demand for big data courses in India, and how is TrendyTech responding to this demand?

Sumit Mittal: Today every industry is sitting on a huge amount of data which is increasing at a rapid pace each day. It is predicted that by 2025, there will be 175 zettabytes of data in the global datasphere.

Every company is getting more and more dependent on using data for making informed decisions, predictive analysis, personalizing customer experience, and many more. For all these requirements comes the role of Data Engineers and Data Scientists.

Trendytech is meeting this industry gap by upskilling Students and IT professionals with its In-depth industry-oriented Big Data Programs. These students are trained over 8 months in a structured manner, making them rock-solid candidates required by companies globally.

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TechGraph: How do you see the job market for professionals with big data skills in India, and what role does TrendyTech play in bridging the skills gap?

Sumit Mittal: Currently, the demand for Data Engineers is at an all-time high in India. Today India contributes to around 9% of Data Engineer & Data Analyst globally which is expected to reach around 30% by 2025.

The main challenge that which Industry is facing today is that there is a huge gap between Industry requirements and skilled Data professionals.

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Trendytech through its Industry-oriented tailored Big Data programs has been able to contribute significantly to bridging this gap by training more than 20,000 students and professionals, making them industry-ready.

Sumit Mittal: Trendytech offers several popular programs, including ‘The Ultimate Big Data Cloud Focused Master’s Program’, ‘Big Data Master’s Program’, and ‘Azure Data Engineering Program’.

These programs are unique because of their teaching style. I am personally involved in designing them based on my technical and industry expertise. They are in-depth programs that last for 6-8 months and are tailored to the industry. They cover topics from Big Data Essentials to the latest data technology stack.

TechGraph: India has a diverse student population with varying levels of prior knowledge. How does TrendyTech accommodate both beginners and experienced professionals in its big data courses?

Sumit Mittal: The programs are designed in such a manner that they cover topics starting from ‘Big Data Essentials’ to the latest data technology stack. The students get the flexibility of setting the pace at which they want to take the course.

Trendytech has a very strong operations team of technical experts who mentor the students throughout their learning journey. Today Trendytech has a student base not only from India but from all around the globe.

TechGraph: What kind of industry partnerships or collaborations does TrendyTech have in place to provide students with real-world exposure and opportunities in the big data field?

Sumit Mittal: Trendytech has 100+ industry partners which has helped students get amazing job opportunities. Trendytech students work at Fortune 100 companies like Walmart, American Express, Google, etc.

TechGraph: Given the rapid pace of technological advancements, how does TrendyTech ensure that its big data courses remain up-to-date and relevant for students?

Sumit Mittal: With the change in technology stack and based on industry insights, Trendytech keeps on updating its course content which gives an edge to its students amongst its peers.

TechGraph: How does TrendyTech ensure accessibility and affordability for students who wish to pursue big data courses, and are there any scholarship or financial aid opportunities available?

Sumit Mittal: When compared with similar course content and time duration, Trendytech courses are very affordable as compared to its competitors. We also provide a NO COST EMI option to students where with a monthly affordable investment, students can Change their lives.


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