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Driving Digitalization in Logistics: Elixia Inc’s Sanket Seth On Leveraging Data For Supply Chain Innovation



In an interview with TechGraph, Sanket Sheth, MD & Founder of Elixia Inc spoke about the company’s innovative approach to meet customers’ needs, and how it is using cutting-edge technologies like AI, data analytics, and automation to optimize logistics and supply chain operations for its customers.

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TechGraph: What steps is Elixia taking to help its customers digitize their logistics and supply chain operations, and how does this fit into the company’s broader digital transformation strategy?

Sanket Sheth: Firstly, the company offers comprehensive consultations to understand customers’ specific needs and challenges. Elixia configures its suite of products leveraging artificial intelligence, data analytics, and automation to solve customers’ key pain areas.

These solutions optimize processes, improve visibility, and enhance efficiency. Elixia also provides training and support to ensure smooth implementation and adoption. These initiatives align with Elixia’s broader digital transformation strategy. This focuses on harnessing technology to drive innovation, deliver superior customer experiences, and position the company as a leader in the digital logistics and supply chain space.

TechGraph: How does Elixia use data and analytics to help its customers optimize their logistics and supply chain processes, and what impact has this had on the company’s performance?

Sanket Sheth: By analyzing large volumes of data, Elixia identifies patterns, trends, and inefficiencies within the supply chain. This enables customers to make data-driven decisions, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency. The impact has been significant, as companies partnering with Elixia have experienced improved inventory management, reduced transportation costs, enhanced order fulfillment, and increased overall productivity.

By harnessing data and analytics, Elixia empowers its customers to drive operational excellence, deliver better customer experiences, and achieve sustainable growth. This gives them a competitive advantage.

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Elixia invests heavily in machine learning and big data analytics to convert huge amounts of data into usable information. We are also looking at leveraging blockchain technology for its various use cases in supply chain management.

TechGraph: How does Elixia ensure the security and integrity of supply chain data, particularly in the context of increased cyber threats and data breaches?

Sanket Sheth: Elixia implements multiple measures to ensure data protection. This includes employing robust encryption techniques during transmission and storage, maintaining a secure infrastructure with firewalls and intrusion detection systems, and implementing strict access controls.

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Elixia conducts regular security audits, provides comprehensive employee data security training, and backs up data for disaster recovery. By staying vigilant, adhering to data protection regulations, and proactively monitoring threats, Elixia safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of supply chain data. This mitigates the risks associated with cyber threats and data breaches.

TechGraph: How does Elixia collaborate with logistics and supply chain partners to drive digitalization initiatives? What are some of the key challenges or opportunities in this area?

Sanket Sheth: Elixia engages in knowledge sharing, data sharing, and technology integration with its partners. This collaborative approach fosters innovation, enhances efficiency, and optimizes the entire supply chain ecosystem.

However, some key challenges in this area include data standardization across partners, establishing trust and security in data sharing, aligning organizational cultures and priorities, and ensuring the scalability and flexibility of collaborative solutions. Overcoming these challenges presents opportunities for synergy, innovation, and shared success in driving digital transformation across the supply chain.

TechGraph: How does Elixia help its clients balance agility and flexibility in logistics and supply chain operations with reliability and cost efficiency? What role does digitalization play in achieving this balance?

Sanket Sheth: By leveraging digital tools and data analytics, Elixia enables accurate planning, real-time visibility, optimized routes, and data-driven analytics. Data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives are supported, ensuring clients can adapt quickly to changing market demands while maintaining reliable and cost-efficient operations. Digitalization plays a crucial role in achieving this balance by providing real-time insights, facilitating collaboration, optimizing processes, and enabling agile decision-making, resulting in improved operational performance and customer satisfaction.


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