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Interview: Gaurav Gandhi of Echelon Edge On Integrating 5G, Blockchain, and AR into Telcom



In an interview with TechGraph, Gaurav Gandhi, Founder & CEO at Echelon Edge, shares insights on how the company is leveraging innovative solutions like 5G, blockchain integration, and augmented reality to transform the telecom sector.

Read the interview below:

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TechGraph: Can you tell us about Echelon Edge’s history and evolution? How has the company grown and adapted to changes in the IT and Telecom industries over the years?

Gaurav Gandhi: Echelon Edge was founded in 2012, and since then, we have amassed significant industry experience, establishing ourselves as solution providers. Currently, we are a prominent software engineering group that focuses on delivering “Made in India” solutions to the global telecom and transportation industries. Throughout our journey, we encountered numerous twists and turns, which we embraced wholeheartedly, and learned valuable lessons from both our successes and failures.

Our commitment lies in leading the industry through innovation, and constantly staying abreast of emerging technologies worldwide. We design our solutions by considering the challenges faced by the industry and how they can positively impact businesses. Our primary focus is to drive business transformation through the implementation of modern-day technologies.

TechGraph: How does Echelon Edge differentiate itself from other IT and telecom solutions providers in the market? What unique services or approaches does the company offer that set it apart?

Gaurav Gandhi: As a cloud and IT solution provider, Echelon Edge differentiates itself in the market by prioritizing the use of case-driven and innovative solutions tailored to address our client’s specific needs. We have developed extensive capabilities in seamlessly integrating and optimizing complex technology environments, ensuring data security, efficient resource utilization, and simplified management for our clients.

TechGraph: Can you walk us through some of the recent projects Echelon Edge has worked on in the IT and Telecom space? What challenges did the company face, and how did it overcome them?

Gaurav Gandhi: Recently, we completed a proof-of-concept (POC) with TCS, marking the first deployment of Indian telecom products in the core. Additionally, we undertook a business support systems (BSS) transformation for Amdocs, consolidating their data centers from eight to two.

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I would say these projects presented several challenges, including integration complexities, data migration, and downtime risks. However, through rigorous testing and validation, comprehensive planning, risk assessment, and robust strategies, our team ensured the projects were completed on time and fault-free.

TechGraph: In the current landscape of rapid technological advancement, how does Echelon Edge stay up-to-date with the latest IT and telecom solutions and trends? How does the company ensure that its offerings are always cutting-edge and relevant to its clients?

Gaurav Gandhi: Echelon Edge remains up-to-date with the latest IT and telecom solutions and trends through various measures. We invest in employee development, collaborate with industry leaders, foster innovation, listen to client needs, and actively engage in industry dialogue. By adopting these practices, we ensure that our offerings are always cutting-edge and relevant to our clients in today’s ever-evolving technological landscape.

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TechGraph: What steps does Echelon Edge take to ensure client data and information security and privacy? How does the company balance the need for robust security measures with the need for easy accessibility and usability of its solutions?

Gaurav Gandhi: At Echelon Edge, we prioritize the security and privacy of client data and information as critical components of our operations. As a CMMI Level 3 organization, we adhere to CERT-In guidelines and conduct internal security audits to ensure compliance with established security standards. We strive to protect client data and information while delivering accessible and user-friendly solutions.

TechGraph: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or initiatives that Echelon Edge is working on in the IT and Telecom space? What can we expect from the company in the near future?

Gaurav Gandhi: Certainly! Echelon Edge has several exciting projects and initiatives in the pipeline that align with the latest advancements in the IT and Telecom space. Shortly, we are focusing on incorporating blockchain, 5G, and augmented reality (AR) into our telco solutions.

With 5G, we are actively developing innovative solutions that leverage its speed, low latency, and high bandwidth capabilities. We are also emphasizing blockchain integration, aiming to revolutionize how businesses manage transactions, contracts, and supply chain processes in the telecom industry.

Furthermore, we are exploring the potential of augmented reality (AR) in the telco space to enhance customer experiences, facilitate remote collaboration, and provide immersive training and maintenance solutions in the telecom sector.

TechGraph: How does Echelon Edge approach customer service and support for its clients? What steps does the company take to ensure client satisfaction?

Gaurav Gandhi: At Echelon Edge, we prioritize customer service and support as fundamental aspects of our business. We recognize that exceptional client satisfaction is crucial for fostering long-term partnerships and achieving success. Our brand promises on-time delivery, and we continually strive for improvement by conducting Customer Satisfaction Index surveys to gain insights into customer loyalty and satisfaction.

TechGraph: Can you speak to Echelon Edge’s company culture and values? How does the company prioritize collaboration, innovation, and excellence in its work and operations?

Gaurav Gandhi: Echelon Edge’s company culture is rooted in an open and independent ethos. We uphold a set of core values, including integrity, empowerment, effectiveness, and efficiency. Integrity serves as the foundation of our operations, guiding us to maintain ethical conduct and transparency in all our interactions. Empowerment is key to our culture, as we believe in fostering a sense of ownership and autonomy among our employees, enabling them to make impactful decisions and contribute to our collective success. Collaboration is prioritized as a means to drive innovation.

We encourage cross-functional teamwork, open communication, and knowledge sharing to harness diverse perspectives and create innovative solutions for our clients. Continuous improvement is at the forefront of our culture, as we strive for effectiveness and efficiency in our work processes.

We promote a culture of learning, embracing emerging technologies and trends, and consistently challenging ourselves to exceed expectations. Our commitment to these values and our people is unwavering. We have zero tolerance for breaches of our values and maintain a supportive environment that empowers our employees to unleash their potential and achieve excellence in their work.

TechGraph: How does Echelon Edge ensure ethical and social responsibility? What steps does the company take to address issues such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement?

Gaurav Gandhi: Echelon Edge is committed to upholding ethical and social responsibility in its operations. We prioritize sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices within our organization. This includes promoting energy efficiency, waste reduction, and responsible resource management.

We value diversity and foster an inclusive work environment, promoting equal opportunities, respecting differences, and ensuring that everyone feels valued and included. We actively engage in community outreach and conduct Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, such as blood donation camps and visits to NGOs. While we have already initiated CSR activities, we are dedicated to expanding our efforts in the future.

TechGraph: Finally, what is the long-term vision for Echelon Edge as a company? How does the company see itself evolving and expanding in the future, and what goals does it hope to achieve in the coming years?

Gaurav Gandhi: Echelon Edge’s long-term vision is to become a leading innovator in the IT and Telecom industry. As a strong software engineering company, we are driven to push boundaries and develop cutting-edge solutions. In the coming years, we envision evolving and expanding in several ways. We will prioritize innovation, leveraging emerging technologies to develop use case-driven solutions. With a three-year goal of becoming a billion-dollar company, we will focus on organic growth, strategic partnerships, and acquisitions.

We aim to establish a global presence, serving clients internationally. Customer satisfaction remains paramount, and we will consistently deliver exceptional value, superior service, and innovative solutions. Investing in talent development is crucial, fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. We are excited about the journey ahead as we transform Echelon Edge into a globally recognized, billion-dollar engineering company at the forefront of the industry.


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