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Behind the Pages: An Interview with Bestselling Author Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta



Today our editorial team sat down with the esteemed author, Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta, who is known for her best-selling books such as “Rescript Your Life,” “The Stranger In the Mirror,” and “Sanjeev Kumar: The Actor We All Loved.” During the interview, we delved into the fascinating journey behind her writing process, the inspirations that fuel her creativity, and the vibrant tapestry of stories she masterfully crafts.

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TechGraph: In your book “Sanjeev Kumar: The Actor We All Loved,” you delve into the life and career of the legendary actor. What inspired you to write about Sanjeev Kumar, and what do you hope readers will learn from this book?

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta: There is always something to learn from a successful person’s life. Despite getting his first heart attack at the age of 36, and knowing that he was facing an early death, he went on to back himself to deliver scintillating performances.

His life- from humble origins to superstardom- is a testimony that all of us can rescript our lives with the sheer force of will. The other personal reason for me to write his book was that I grew up listening to my father sing ‘Thande thande paani se nahana chahiye.’

TechGraph: Sanjeev Kumar is known for his versatile performances and for portraying a wide range of characters. How did you approach capturing the essence of his acting style and impact on the Indian film industry in your book?

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta: I felt Sanjeev Kumar’s blessings while writing the book. His goodwill was so immense that even after forty years of his death, his friends came forward to offer their memories, photographs, and their support and admiration for the man. Along the way, I got a glimpse of his genius, his preparation for each role, and his humility and simplicity as a person.

TechGraph: Sanjeev Kumar’s personal life was often shrouded in mystery. How did you navigate the challenge of balancing his private life with his public persona while researching the book?

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta: I want to begin by crediting his family for all their support. They wanted to bring out an honest book and were extremely open and supportive.

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They gave me a base of Sanjeev Kumar’s habits, routines, and the person he was, on top of which I was able to create a layer of anecdotes and evidence.

I was also able to curate over 1200 interviews and articles in multiple languages that helped me understand Sanjeev Kumars own language. I have specifically offered a tribute to journalists of the 1960s and 1970s without whose work my book would not have been what it is today.

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TechGraph: You also wrote a book entitled “Rescript Your Life: Awaken the Power Within,” which deals with self-realization and transformation. Can you tell us more about the core message of this book and what inspired you to explore this topic?

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta: ‘You become what you believe in, not what you want’ was the message of the book. Sanjeev Kumar believed in his talent. Destiny brought him face-to-face with Jamnadasji, his lifelong manager who also believed in his talent. It was not just a ‘want.’ Sanjeev Kumar backed his intention with action, belief, and determination.

TechGraph: The concept of “rescripting” implies the ability to rewrite our life stories. How do you guide readers in reshaping their narratives, and what practical steps or exercises do you recommend to initiate this transformative process?

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta: The path is meditation, and I recommend it very strongly. It helps you go through the five steps that I have outlined in my book:

Connect to your source: Your soul knows you have greatness within you, even though your mind may not. Your soul is stirred by the idea of you expanding and removing any limitations. This is a kind of mindfulness itself – where you become more connected to the present moment and increase your full awareness of your internal and external experiences.

Opt out of being ordinary: You’re expected to live a life that everyone can understand. You’ve been programmed to believe that you do not possess the wisdom or ability to manifest the complete scope of your potential and your wishes. Start actively challenging these non-serving thoughts and beliefs

Activate your imagination: As the Creator created you, so you create your future. And you are dependent on one thing above all – your imagination. Within your magical inner realm is the capacity to live the life of your dreams, the life that the full extent of your abilities should provide you with.

Master your emotions: Learn how to consciously develop your intellect. Practice tuning into how your body is feeling, and noticing areas of tension or stress. Increase your overall conscious experience by becoming more aware of your bodily reactions to thoughts, feelings, and events. Continually challenge your knowledge and assumptions.

Find your values: Having a clear sense of what matters most to you enables you to take up a small fight that matters to you and therefore overcome apathy and indifference. You live beyond your ego and find something which is beyond your good; the good of all.

TechGraph: Could you share some examples of anecdotes from your book “Rescript Your Life” that illustrate the profound impact of rescripting on individuals who have successfully embraced this practice?

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta: Rescript Your Life, the first edition did not have anecdotes; it spoke about the philosophy we need to adopt called THECO (the chosen one), as opposed to AIGE (Am I Good Enough). In the second edition of the book, we will be covering a lot of examples. However, just to share a very current example, there is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Born to an alcoholic father and a mother who went hungry to feed him, Ronaldo has set unimaginable standards in sports and fitness. He had inspired many to play the game and elevated his nation to a force in world football. He is a living example of how one can rescript their life with determination, hard work, focus, and consistency.

TechGraph: Often, personal growth books touch upon similar themes. How does “Rescript Your Life” stand out from other self-help books, and what unique insights or perspectives does it offer readers?

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta: Yes, but as water flows to each house through a system of taps, each self-help book flows to those who resonate with that philosophy and are willing to embrace it. There is no attempt to be different because the root of religion and philosophy is the same. I am just reminding you that being unkind to yourself is a form of violence.

TechGraph: Throughout your writing career, you have explored diverse subjects, from biography to self-development. How do you approach the research and writing process differently for each genre, and what challenges or rewards do you find in exploring such varied topics?

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta: It looks diverse, but in my heart, it’s all the same. I write stories of people who have rescripted their lives and that of others. The biographies exemplify the philosophy in varied ways.

TechGraph: Your books have garnered widespread acclaim from readers. How do you feel about the positive reception and impact of your work on people’s lives?

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta: The impact is the gift. I offer guided meditation and life coaching to many people. This makes me come alive. I follow the path of the Upanishads – the great works do not even have an author; they are that selfless. I am here to serve people and shine the light on depths of realization that they’re not able to do on their own.

TechGraph: Lastly, what can we expect from your future projects? Are there any specific themes or subjects you are eager to explore in your upcoming books?

Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta: My next book covers the life of the legendary Savitribai Phule, India’s first teacher. After that, will come Rescript Your Life 2.0. Also work in progress is a business biography and a historical one. I am grateful to my publisher Harper Collins for backing the subjects I choose.


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