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Arteria Technologies’ CEO Sriram Kanuri On Pioneering Embedded Financing for SMEs



During an interview with TechGraph, Arteria Technologies CEO & Founder, Sriram Kanuri, discussed Arteria’s plans to leverage its partnership with ICICI Bank to create innovative solutions for commercial banking customers, and how its technology solutions are revolutionizing the digital banking experience for both banks and their clients.

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TechGraph: Arteria Technologies has been actively involved in leveraging technology to reshape commercial banking practices. Could you elaborate on how your company is contributing to this transformation and what unique solutions you offer to the banking sector?

Sriram Kanuri: Arteria Technologies is at the forefront of transforming enterprise supply chain operations and financing through its innovative cloud-based SaaS platform. By seamlessly integrating banking services with supply chain management solutions, Arteria addresses longstanding challenges faced by enterprises. With a comprehensive suite of products, including FinessArt, businesses gain access to a unified platform that streamlines operations, automates processes, and improves efficiency across the entire supply chain network.

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At the core of Arteria’s offerings lies its commitment to modernizing traditional banking practices. Utilizing unique transaction-level data analysis capabilities, Arteria enables real-time underwriting and on-demand credit provision based on actual transaction history.

This innovative approach not only reduces non-performing assets (NPAs) but also ensures more accurate risk assessment and management. Moreover, Arteria’s digital banking advantage simplifies loan access and banking services for suppliers and distributors, offering features like paperless loan disbursal, automated payment reminders, and real-time reconciliation.

With advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) driving personalized recommendations, risk analysis, and fraud detection, Arteria equips businesses with actionable insights and enhanced decision-making capabilities. Armed with a deep understanding of enterprise credit requirements and risk underwriting, Arteria continues to lead the charge in reshaping the supply chain and banking landscape, enabling businesses to thrive in today’s ever-evolving market environment.

TechGraph: Arteria Technologies has been in a strategic partnership with ICICI for quite some time. Can you share some insights into the objectives behind this partnership and how it aligns with both companies’ long-term strategies?

Sriram Kanuri: The strategic partnership between Arteria Technologies and ICICI Bank, now spanning four years, has played a pivotal role in introducing embedded financing and flow-based lending solutions to the Indian subcontinent. Through the collaborative efforts of both entities, access to financing for previously underserved businesses, particularly SMEs, has been greatly enhanced.

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At the heart of this partnership lies a commitment to minimizing non-performing assets (NPAs) for financial institutions while providing SMEs with simplified access to credit linked to their core business activities on the platform. By closely monitoring business velocity and the utilization of lending facilities, we have successfully maintained NPA levels close to zero, ensuring financial sustainability for both parties involved.

Looking ahead, Arteria and ICICI Bank remain dedicated to driving joint innovations to the market, with a focus on expanding access to financing through deep-tier lending solutions. This collaborative endeavor not only fuels Arteria’s growth trajectory but also underscores our shared commitment to promoting societal good by enabling financial inclusion and empowerment at the grassroots level.

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As we continue to push the boundaries of embedded financing and lending innovation, we are confident that our partnership will drive transformative change in the banking landscape, fostering inclusive growth and prosperity for businesses and communities alike.

TechGraph: How does Arteria Technologies plan to leverage its partnership with ICICI to create innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of commercial banking customers?

Sriram Kanuri: Arteria Technologies is actively leveraging its partnership with ICICI to create tangible solutions for commercial banking customers. By combining cutting-edge technology with deep banking insights, we’re developing innovative tools to streamline operations, improve decision-making, and offer personalized financial services.

This collaborative approach ensures that our solutions are practical, addressing real-world challenges faced by businesses. Through this partnership, we’re committed to delivering concrete results that drive efficiency, agility, and long-term value for our customers in the commercial banking sector.

TechGraph: Technology has become a critical component in enhancing efficiency and security in financial transactions. How does Arteria Technologies integrate innovative technologies like AI, Blockchain, and Machine Learning to address the evolving needs of the banking sector, especially concerning cybersecurity and data privacy?

Sriram Kanuri: Arteria Technologies acknowledges the significant role of technology in improving efficiency and security within financial transactions. We integrate innovative technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and Machine Learning to actively address the evolving needs of the banking sector, particularly concerning cybersecurity and data privacy.

Utilizing AI algorithms and advanced analytics, we continually monitor transactions and detect anomalies in real time, facilitating swift intervention to mitigate potential security threats.

Our Blockchain solutions provide immutable transaction records, ensuring transparency and trust while guarding against data tampering or unauthorized access. Additionally, Machine Learning algorithms analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and trends, supporting predictive risk assessment and enhancing fraud detection capabilities.

By utilizing these innovative technologies, Arteria Technologies assists financial institutions in fortifying their cybersecurity measures and upholding strict data privacy standards. Our comprehensive approach ensures that banking operations remain secure, efficient, and resilient in response to evolving cyber threats and regulatory requirements.

TechGraph: With the rise of digital banking, customer experience has become a focal point for financial institutions. How does Arteria Technologies contribute to enhancing the customer experience for banks and their clients through its technological solutions?

Sriram Kanuri: Imagine logging into your bank’s app or website and finding everything just where you need it – no hassle, no confusion. That’s what we aim for with our user-friendly interfaces. We want banking to be as easy as sending a text or ordering food online.

Arteria Technologies is committed to enhancing the customer experience for banks and their clients through our technological solutions. Our focus lies in developing intuitive, user-centric interfaces that streamline banking processes and simplify interactions. With our innovative technologies, financial institutions can offer personalized services, tailored recommendations, and seamless transactions, promoting deeper engagement and satisfaction among their customers.

From AI-powered chatbots for instant assistance to predictive analytics for personalized financial insights, Arteria’s solutions enable banks to deliver exceptional customer experiences in today’s digital era.

TechGraph: How does Arteria Technologies navigate regulatory challenges and compliance requirements in both the financial and supply chain sectors, particularly in light of evolving regulations and standards?

Sriram Kanuri: Arteria Technologies prioritizes regulatory compliance in both the financial and supply chain sectors, embedding measures directly into our solutions to ensure adherence to evolving standards. Our solutions leverage AI, Blockchain, and Machine Learning to enhance security and transparency, mitigating risks and meeting industry-specific requirements. Our partnership with ICICI provides valuable insights into regulatory standards, further enhancing our ability to address compliance challenges effectively.

In the supply chain sector, our platform offers robust tools for managing regulatory requirements, empowering businesses to navigate challenges seamlessly while optimizing efficiency. We proactively monitor regulatory changes and update our solutions accordingly, ensuring ongoing compliance and providing businesses with a trusted partner in regulatory matters.

Sriram Kanuri: In the banking and supply chain field, the future holds promising trends that will reshape the industry. Arteria Technologies is at the forefront of these transformations, identifying four key trends that will define the next decade. The emergence of interconnected networks and ecosystems fosters efficiency and collaboration, while the integration of data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and automation enables smarter decision-making and streamlined processes.

Sustainability takes center stage as businesses prioritize ethical practices and environmental impact, and the evolution of the global workforce towards remote work and diverse talent pools becomes increasingly prevalent.

To stay ahead, Arteria is committed to adaptability and innovation. We proactively monitor emerging trends and continually enhance our solutions through research and development. By collaborating closely with our clients, we co-create tailored solutions that address evolving challenges and requirements. Moving forward, we will intensify our focus on artificial intelligence, data analytics, and blockchain technologies to further enhance efficiency and provide valuable insights for our clients.

Our future roadmap is guided by a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. We prioritize product maturity, implementation expertise, and seamless integration with core SAP modules to ensure efficiency and reliability.

As an SAP-certified OEM solution, we uphold stringent quality standards and offer swift deployment options. Additionally, our closed-loop B2B marketplace caters to various industries, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs. Arteria remains dedicated to driving positive change and maintaining leadership in the digital solutions landscape.


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Krishna Mali
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