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Empowering Data-Driven Decisions: Anurag Sanghai On Intellicus Insights Methodology & BI Solutions



In an interview with TechGraph, Anurag Sanghai, Principal Solutions Architect at Intellicus spoke about the methodologies and tools employed by the company to help businesses make better decisions.

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TechGraph: Can you elaborate on Intellicus’ specific features and functionalities that differentiate it from other business intelligence and analytics platforms in the market? 

Anurag Sanghai: When it comes to enterprise-wide BI performance, one of our key differentiators is the unified BI layer that allows organizations to consolidate data from multiple sources into a single, unified view. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and platforms, providing a seamless experience for users.

By accessing and analyzing data from various databases, applications, and systems, users can gain comprehensive insights to make better-informed decisions. Integration with a wide range of data sources allows organizations to merge data from disparate systems and gain a comprehensive view of their operations.

Intellicus also offers end-to-end data engineering capabilities, covering the entire data lifecycle, from data ingestion and integration to modeling, transformation, and preparation. This ensures data quality, consistency, and availability for analysis. By simplifying the data management process, Intellicus empowers users to explore, analyze, and visualize data effectively.

Another advantage we bring to the table is a no-code, self-service environment that empowers business users to create reports, dashboards, and interactive visualizations without IT support. This enhances agility and significantly reduces insight time.

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Additionally, Intellicus is scalable, allowing easy adaptation to modern enterprises’ rapidly evolving needs. The platform also provides well-defined and comprehensive security measures to protect user data.

Overall, Intellicus is a powerful and versatile BI platform that offers a wide range of features and benefits, including comprehensive 24/7 support, training, and documentation to enable successful digital transformation for our customers.

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TechGraph: How does Intellicus help organizations leverage data effectively for decision-making? How does Intellicus employ specific tools, methodologies, or approaches to ensure data-driven insights? 

Anurag Sanghai: At Intellicus, our primary goal is to empower our clients with actionable intelligence derived from their data. To this effect, we leverage our robust and user-friendly BI platform, allowing organizations to efficiently collect, integrate, analyze, and visualize their data. It supports various data types, sizes, and formats, enabling users to harness both structured and unstructured data for insights.

Secondly, we follow a well-defined methodology for data analysis and interpretation. Our team of experienced BI consultants works closely with our customers to understand their business goals and define key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with those objectives.

Lastly, our professional services department helps develop a data-driven culture by designing and implementing customized data models. We also build dashboards that provide relevant and actionable insights for stakeholders at different levels.

We also facilitate knowledge transfer documentation and training sessions to help users gain the skills necessary to leverage our platform effectively. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the continuous availability and accuracy of data-driven insights.

Overall, our integrated approach, combining cutting-edge BI products, consultative expertise, and agile development empowers organizations to effectively harness data power to achieve sustainable growth.

TechGraph: How does Intellicus cater to different industries’ needs?  

Anurag Sanghai: We recognize that different industries have their own data requirements, workflows, and challenges. Our team continually strives to provide industry-specific solutions, versatile features, and a strong partner ecosystem to address these needs effectively.

Intellicus’ flexibility enables us to adapt to industry-unique requirements. For instance, in the retail sector, the platform analyzes sales data, monitors inventory levels, and identifies customer preferences.

Retailers can uncover buying patterns, forecast demand, and optimize pricing strategies while our interactive analytical dashboards help visualize and understand their data, leading to data-driven decisions and increased profitability.

For financial services, Intellicus offers solutions for risk management, fraud detection, and compliance. Banks and financial institutions can visualize and analyze transaction data, monitor market trends, and identify potential risks using our platform. The pixel-perfect and templatized reporting capabilities further help in creating regulatory reports and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

In the manufacturing sector, we help optimize production processes, monitor supply chain operations, and improve quality control. Manufacturers can analyze machine performance, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions for process optimization with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics to detect anomalies and minimize downtime. Advanced analytics capabilities, such as predictive modeling and spatial analysis, are particularly beneficial in industries like manufacturing, logistics, and transportation.

We collaborate with niche solutions partners to offer tailored solutions and expertise to businesses seeking growth across different sectors. These partners have deep domain knowledge and industry-specific experience, enabling them to understand the intricacies and requirements of different sectors. They work closely with Intellicus to develop industry-specific dashboards, data connectors, and pre-built analytics templates, enabling organizations to leverage best practices and accelerate data analysis.

TechGraph: Can you explain Intellicus’ scalability and flexibility? How does the platform handle large volumes of data and ensure smooth performance as organizations’ data requirements grow? 

Anurag Sanghai: Of course! In the current analytical ecosystem, legacy systems have failed to deliver the expected results due to their limited capabilities, siloed data, and fragmented results. Intellicus changed the status quo with its unique flexibility and scalability even when dealing with massive datasets.

The platform employs smart data retrieval techniques, efficient caching mechanisms, and parallel processing capabilities to optimize performance. Our analytical data cubing technology and accelerated semantic layer enables instant query response times.

Intellicus can connect to multiple data sources, including databases, cloud services, and big data platforms. This allows organizations to integrate and analyze diverse datasets. Additionally, a distributed architecture supports load balancing and can be deployed across multiple servers, enabling horizontal scalability to handle increasing data loads. 

TechGraph: Intellicus emphasizes self-service analytics. Could you elaborate on the self-service capabilities and intuitive interface that Intellicus offers to empower business users in accessing and analyzing data on their own? 

Anurag Sanghai: Intellicus is known for its deep focus on self-service analytics, providing business users with powerful capabilities to access and analyze data independently. It has an intuitive interface. The platform enables users to easily connect to various data sources, transform and clean data, and create interactive analytical dashboards and reports.

With Intellicus, users can explore data through drag-and-drop functionality, apply filters and drill down into the lowest details. The platform offers a wide range of pre-built data connectors and integration options, making it flexible and adaptable to different data environments.

These self-service capabilities empower decision-makers to gain actionable insights, make data-driven decisions, and derive value from their data without relying heavily on technical or IT support teams. Intellicus also offers features for automated data cleaning, blending, forecasting, and predictive analytics for deeper insights without compromising data quality. 


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