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AI And India’s Software Industry: An Interview with Piyush Goel of Beyond Key

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In this interview, Piyush Goel, Founder of Beyond Key spoke about the future of AI in India’s software and IT industry and how Beyond Key is empowering its workforce through upskilling programs to meet evolving client demands and industry trends.

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TechGraph: Could you provide an overview of Beyond Key’s involvement with AI in the software and IT solutions space?

Piyush Goel: Since its inception in 2005, Beyond Key has been providing IT consulting and custom software development services, making use of the most innovative technologies.

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Delivering consumer-focused apps and technology solutions with an emphasis on cloud, data, omni-channeling, and client engagement, the company specializes in digital transformation and product engineering services.

Moreover, the company excels at providing seasoned counsel and delivering contextual, bespoke solutions that support the objectives of an organization across a range of platforms.

With a team of over 300 domain experts in various cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, business intelligence (BI), Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, etc., Beyond Key concentrates on creating scalable software solutions and products that meet the expectations of its clients.

TechGraph: What specific AI technologies or applications is Beyond Key currently focusing on, and how are they contributing to enhancing software and IT services?

Piyush Goel: Our team consists of experts in a range of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, voice intelligence, and business intelligence, among others.

At Beyond Key, we are a comprehensive digital transformation company dedicated to providing full software solutions and consulting services.

Operating worldwide and boasting a proven record of delivering software solutions, the company gains a unique competitive advantage through cutting-edge methodologies.

Furthermore, our offerings encompass data analytics, data visualization, predictive analytics, and more. With its expansion into voice technology, the Internet of Things, and digital transformation, Beyond Key aims to revolutionize the way current and future clients approach their business operations.

Operating in an agile framework, Beyond Key collaborates closely with clients, ensuring their active engagement in tailoring customized solutions to reshape business practices.

Piyush Goel: Due to its extensive use, AI has a significant economic impact on India. Many companies are pioneering the technological revolution by providing their clients with cognitively competent personnel through the use of AI-based technologies.

As the proprietor of an IT and software solution business, I’ve been paying careful attention to how its usage has changed over the past several years in the software and IT sectors.

The environment has undergone significant change, and a variety of factors are now influencing how businesses deploy AI technologies. One evident trend is the greater understanding and awareness among corporations. As more organizations become aware of the potential benefits of this technology, they invest more money in training their onboard team about its uses.

As a result, there is now a greater need for AI-related services and products. In light of this, businesses are also rapidly using AI-powered chatbots, virtual assistants, etc. to enhance customer engagement.

These advancements collectively enhance customer service and aid companies in gathering valuable client insights. Considering these factors, it can be concluded that the utilization of AI in the realm of software and IT has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

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TechGraph: AI often requires large volumes of data for effective implementation. How do you navigate data privacy concerns and ensure data security while developing AI-driven solutions?

Piyush Goel: Managing data privacy issues and ensuring data security while building AI-driven solutions is of the utmost importance to us as an IT and software solution company.

We put strong security measures in place for data storage. To protect data from unauthorized access and breaches, measures including encryption, access limits, and frequent security audits are used. Continuous efforts go into maintaining data privacy and security.

The concerned team at Beyond Key constantly monitors the systems and keeps an eye, the concerned team at Beyond Key constantly monitors systems, remains vigilant for emerging threats, and implements necessary adjustments to enhance security protocols.

In addition to encouraging user and consumer trust, this also encourages the ethical and responsible use of AI technology in the contemporary digital environment. Additionally, we are ISO certified (ISO 27001:2013), which is extremely crucial for data security because it offers a structured, risk-based approach to managing information security. This approach aids organizations in protecting their sensitive data, adhering to regulations, fostering trust, and continuously improving their security posture.

TechGraph: Collaboration between AI systems and human workers is becoming crucial. How does Beyond Key envision the balance between AI and human resources in the software and IT sector?

Piyush Goel: Aligned with our core belief in the technological revolution, we are steadfast in our commitment to utilize AI to augment human capabilities rather than replace them. Our goal is to enhance overall productivity by integrating AI into our IT systems and software. It’s a known fact that AI-driven automation accelerates processes, streamlines workflows, and reduces the potential for human errors.

As a result, our team can focus their expertise on innovation, strategic initiatives, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Even if AI is making its way everywhere, human characteristics like innovative thinking and creativity persist. We urge our teams to use AI as a tool to streamline workflows and generate ground-breaking solutions while preserving the balance between the benefits that AI can provide and human potential.

TechGraph: The skills gap is often cited as a challenge in the IT sector. What initiatives is Beyond Key taking to train and upskill its workforce to meet the ever-evolving demands of clients and industry?

Piyush Goel: A steady stream of innovative work opportunities is emerging in the fast-changing field of new technology. Empowering the potential workforce or newcomers with the necessary knowledge and training to harness these opportunities remains paramount. This is where upskilling programs come into play, which is becoming more important as a result of the explosion of inventive breakthroughs that fuel demand for skilled individuals.

Closing the skills gap is crucial because it ensures that the workforce can adapt quickly to changing client needs and market trends. To meet this demand, Beyond Key has committed to constantly improving its technical skill set and keeping up with emerging technology. This strategy helps the organization grow while also enhancing its capacity for efficient delivery.

TechGraph: Looking forward, what are your predictions for the future of AI in the software and IT industry in India? How do you see Beyond Key’s role evolving in this landscape?

Piyush Goel: AI is poised to change how businesses function in the corporate world, that’s for sure. Companies will be able to make quick decisions and streamline their processes because of the automation of repetitive jobs, predictive analytics, and data-driven insights.

For the common man, a new era of personalized services, faster procedures, and effective decision-making will usher in thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Here, AI will play a significant role in improving convenience and quality of life. Companies will use AI to mine valuable data from massive data sets, allowing them to better understand client preferences and adjust their product offerings.

As a result, there will be an improvement in client satisfaction, focused marketing initiatives, and operational effectiveness. The role that Beyond Key will play in assisting businesses in integrating AI will be crucial in helping those organizations reach new heights of efficiency and expansion.

In our opinion, the AI-driven solutions we develop at Beyond Key will bridge the technological and human communication gaps by reducing complexity and enhancing accessibility to complicated procedures.

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