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1Kosmos’ Siddharth Gandhi On Delineates Future of Passwordless Authentication in BFSI Sector



During an interview with TechGraph, Siddharth Gandhi, COO-Asia Pacific of 1Kosmos, sheds light on the burgeoning shift towards passwordless authentication solutions in the BFSI sector, and how 1Kosmos is addressing them through its user-centric platform.

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TechGraph: How would you describe the current state of Identity and Passwordless authentication in the BFSI sector?

Siddharth Gandhi: The BFSI sector is actively transitioning to a more secure and convenient form of authentication that moves beyond the traditional password. This trend towards passwordless authentication solutions is driven by the need to protect against the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, regulatory demands for stronger security measures, and the push for a seamless customer experience.

Innovations such as biometrics, multi-factor authentication, and the use of blockchain are at the forefront, catering to both enhanced security and user convenience, which aligns with the recent RBI guidelines to BFSI participants on exploring ‘Alternate Factors of Authentication’ (AFA). While the transition is gaining momentum, the sector still faces significant challenges around system integration, regulatory compliance, user adoption, and education.

TechGraph: What are the key challenges that organizations in the BFSI sector are facing in terms of identity management and authentication?

Siddharth Gandhi: BFSI organizations are grappling with challenges that include integrating advanced technologies with existing legacy systems, ensuring compliance with rigorous and evolving regulations, and protecting against sophisticated cyberattacks. Additionally, there is the ongoing task of managing user experience without compromising security and educating and transitioning users towards adopting new authentication methods.

TechGraph: Are there any specific innovations or technologies that are gaining traction in the BFSI sector for enhancing identity security?

Siddharth Gandhi: Absolutely, there are several innovations gaining traction. These include biometric authentication methods like fingerprint and facial recognition, advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions, liveness recognition, and the deployment of blockchain technology for immutable record-keeping and secure, decentralized identity management.

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TechGraph: Passwordless authentication is gaining popularity. How do you see this approach evolving in the BFSI sector, and what benefits does it offer over traditional password-based systems?

Siddharth Gandhi: Passwordless authentication is set to redefine security in the BFSI sector by removing the weakest link – the password. This progressive method is evolving to leverage biometric data and secure tokens for user authentication, offering benefits such as enhanced security by reducing the risk of phishing and other password-related attacks, improved user experience, and significant cost reductions related to password management.

TechGraph: What challenges or concerns might organizations face when transitioning to passwordless authentication, and how is 1Kosmos addressing these issues?

Siddharth Gandhi: Organizations may face resistance to change, concerns about the security of privacy data like biometrics, and other PII data, and the technical challenges of integrating new systems. 1Kosmos is addressing these issues through its user-centric platform that not only complies with global security and privacy standards but also provides an adaptable framework that fits seamlessly into existing corporate ecosystems.

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Siddharth Gandhi: 1Kosmos ensures compliance through rigorous adherence to global security standards, such as FIDO2, NIST, SOC2, and ISO 27001, and by obtaining certifications that reflect its commitment to maintaining the highest level of security and regulatory compliance.

TechGraph: Many BFSI organizations have existing systems in place. How does 1Kosmos ensure seamless integration of its identity and authentication solutions with these legacy systems?

Siddharth Gandhi: 1Kosmos ensures seamless integration with legacy systems using a flexible architecture that can adapt to various existing IT infrastructures. Our offerings are designed to complement current systems, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting established operational processes.

TechGraph: Data privacy is a major concern, especially in the financial sector. How does 1Kosmos ensure the privacy and protection of sensitive user information in its identity solutions?

Siddharth Gandhi: 1Kosmos prioritizes user privacy by encrypting personal data and storing it on a permissioned blockchain, accessible only through a private key owned by the user. Our privacy-by-design architecture ensures that personal information is handled according to strict standards, and user consent is central to any data sharing.

TechGraph: In the context of evolving privacy regulations, how is 1Kosmos adapting its approach to safeguard user data?

Siddharth Gandhi: 1Kosmos is continually updating its architecture to comply with the evolving privacy regulations. The company adheres to the privacy-by-design principle, ensuring that user privacy is built into our products from the outset. One of the differentiators for the 1Kosmos platform is that we do not store data.

TechGraph: Looking ahead, what do you envision as the future of identity and authentication in the BFSI sector, and how is 1Kosmos positioning itself to stay at the forefront of these developments?

Siddharth Gandhi: The future of identity and authentication in the BFSI sector will likely be shaped by further advancements in identity-based technologies and secure, user-managed platforms. 1Kosmos is poised to remain at the forefront by continuing to innovate and provide solutions that prioritize user privacy and security, adhere to the latest regulatory requirements, and facilitate a smooth user experience. Our adoption of privacy-by-design principles and commitment to cutting-edge technologies like blockchain ensures they remain aligned with industry expectations and prepared for future trends.


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