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Tech Advances In Green Cleaning For Business



Did you know traditional cleaning corporations use over 6 billion pounds of chemicals? These chemicals are going into the Earth as waste from cleaning products. Technology, though, has greatly changed the way cleaning can be done, making it easier, more cost-effective, and even healthier for both humans and the Earth.

If you’re interested in making your business a little bit greener, it’s important to know what sort of tech advances you can take advantage of. Green cleaning is a revolutionary movement happening within the cleaning world. It is taking the simple and throwing it into higher-scale places, such as commercial and business-related buildings.

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The point of green cleaning is to save the environment and reduce waste. That is why there is a move within green cleaning to use traditional cleaning items like baking soda and lemons along with water to clean. 

Smart Dispensers and Robots:

With so many technological discoveries and creations over the past decade, it is no surprise that there are monumental innovations in technology in green cleaning for business. Some of these include smart dispensers, robots, and lighting.

These are dispensers for hand soap, water, or even paper towels that are usually activated by movement underneath the dispenser. This allows for a smaller amount of waste and keeps the paper and water waste down exponentially.

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The use of all-natural cleaning agents has also been partnered with smart dispensers making sure that only eco-friendly sanitation protocols are upheld.

During COVID-19, the use of robots to green clean has been popular. It reduces the risk of infection for a human by cleaning and makes the amount of time a person has to take to clean be cut in half.

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Over 270,000 robots were used in 2019, creating a 61% increase in sales of robots. Disinfection and even picking up litter can be done by a robot, making it possible for the human employees to do different jobs than clean and risk catching COVID-19.

Solar-powered buildings and LED-powered lighting can help to reduce the waste of electricity and resources that are available. Making a switch to a more energy-efficient power system or just changing a lightbulb to a more efficient one can do wonders to help turn it into a green business. 

All-Natural Cleaners And Smarter Lights:

For starters, you can replace chemical cleaners and eco-friendly ones. Using harsh chemicals is not only bad for the environment, but it’s also bad for our lungs. Changing those cleaners from harsh chemicals to things like baking soda and warm water with lemon can help to keep harmful chemicals away from the Earth as much as possible.

Then, you can replace old things with updated and energy-efficient ones. As said with the LED lights, old lights can not only waste energy, creating bad news for the Earth, but they can also cost a lot of money to your business.

Switching to energy-efficient appliances and lights will keep costs down and save the Earth––all at once. From there, you can choose to add plant life into your office surroundings. Air purifying plants can be extremely beneficial to your employees and clients or even at your home.

Not only does the green foliage make you happy when you see it, but it also provides a natural way to filter and purify your air.

Lastly, you can train your employees to adopt greener cleaning methods. If you are the only one cleaning green, your work isn’t going that far. Be sure to train each employee or family member on how to clean green!

Now that you’re equipped with some idea of what sort of technological advances have been made toward a greener cleaning, it’s time to review how our business approaches cleaning. Choose which advances work best with your brand and your budget, so you can fully embrace green cleaning without sacrificing your finances or your image.


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