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Tulips launches bio-degradable cotton earbuds



India-based innovative personal hygiene care brand, Tulips has announced the launch of its fully biodegradable eco-friendly cotton buds – swabs made from certified paper and purest grade cotton fiber in world-class production facilities.

Tulips in its press release said, “The company will introduce this biodegradable cotton bud on a national scale and make a serious initiative towards sustainable personal hygiene products. The stems are made using Forest Stewardship Council Certification (FSC) certified papers.”

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Speaking on the launch, Rahul Jain, Partner at Tulips said, “Out of a huge consumer base of cotton buds, there are a substantial number of people who are looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly option. We plan to promote these Cotton buds strongly & make sure to reach every part of the country. Being the industry leader, we will be advertising & taking a lot of other initiatives to create a shift in the minds of the Indian consumer to adopt paper stick-based cotton buds instead of plastic ones. We target to completely stop or minimize the production of plastic stick cotton swabs by the end of 2023, an informal deadline set up by our honorable Prime Minister.”

“The Paper sticks in Tulips Cotton buds give the best user experience & never splinter during usage. The other available alternatives like wood or bamboo should not be used by consumers, as they make the swab very hard & can also splinter easily during usage, both causing possible harm to the user,” the statement said.

“As responsible citizens, we all need to change our behavior and lifestyles, to balance our need for plastic & effectively manage its waste. The 100% Biodegradable Cotton Buds/ swabs represent the company’s initiatives to bring about change in small yet impactful ways,” it added.


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